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In sports. I'm Tim Montemayor along the Packer hall of Famer and Super Bowl champion, Mark tau. Sure. And boy, tau sure I gotta tell you between the NBA all star Saturday night. Tennessee loses. Number one, Tennessee goes down to Kentucky. Number two, Duke knocks off NC state. So it looks like Duke is gonna find themselves back on top of the national rankings this week. This has just been a chaotic Saturday, and oh, by the way, you're going to hear from Mark gear ago. See attorney for Colin Kaepernick who did a major interview today that's coming up in about twelve minutes. So don't go anywhere, Mark. What's the biggest story of the day in your mind? Well, Tim, I I'll tell you what I think you mentioned it at all star weekend. I think the Saturday night for a lot of us. It's kind of the most entertaining. I personally the three point shootout with the way the NBA is going what a great EMMY twenty th I think twenty three or twenty four points didn't even get you into the final three. So that was exciting at you mentioned Tennessee getting beat I love the fact Antonio Brown went on Twitter started answering questions af it used to be. This is kind of the slower time of year new. There is so much stuff to talk about. But I think the NBA all star weekend is always whatever that comes. I do think it's the best of all of the professional sports all star weekend. I think they do the best job bringing back older players, and keeping it, you know, the young game was last night. You have the dunk contest everything else. And then it all kind of finishes off tomorrow night with a game that somebody will price score two hundred points it. Yeah. I would love to see two hundred points, frankly, because I actually think the NBA all star game is really enjoyable of the major league baseball all those ones, and maybe that's different show, but I like the game itself, but let's get you into who walked away with trophies tonight. Jason tatum. I think the skills competition and his win. And if you didn't see it. Jason Tatum of the Celtics hits a half court shot. Traveled faster. Mark, Sharon, maybe there is science. And I know that you are a actively intelligent scientists yet. But maybe there's trajectory in angles in degrees. Got that half court shot there before trae young who is standing at the three point arc could and Jason Tatum with the half court heave wins the skills competition. Joe Harris who came out flaming had a twenty five twenty six beat Steph curry in the three point contest, Joe Harris place for real quick come on the Brooklyn nets. Joe Harris, say New Jersey Nets. Yeah. I think that's that's that. Somebody was joking that he was a teacher in somewhere in Kansas. Oh was that a joke? I actually thought it was real based on how he looks. You mentioned the Jason Tatum thing what was fun about that. You know, what that reminded me of you ever played lightning with your buddies? And you're almost trying to jostle the ball out. You just fire it up at the hoop and Tatum knocks it into win which I think I thought there used to be three players. I really liked what they've done and you see that was a good list of players a dunk contest. We were not seeing the stars. And I think that's a reason why it was probably my third favorite of the three events tonight. But I really liked the skills contests. I think it added a little fun. And I think all these kids that are watching it can go out and say, well, you can draw that up through some things fire passer, retire go down to a laugh and make a shot. So I love that. I think they really I think the NBA really gets it right with the night. Like tonight. Could you do it by the way, could you run through the little jerk cones, and can you still dunk a basketball? Oh, I I cannot I couldn't I never could. But I'm surprised. Seven and a half inch vertical? Leap. Yes. An offensive lineman. You're such a superior athlete. I just thought for sure. But anyway, the point is. Nothin'. Anyway. I thought saying, yeah, I think I can hit a three in the NBA. I could not throw the pass through the tire. I think I'd have real trouble. That'd be the hardest part of that. But Jason Tatum Windsor skills competition. Then Joe Harris, I think this is why the NBA is so wildly popular. Because if you didn't see Joe Harrison Steph curry Steph curry had to have a perfect moneyball rack at the end of the final round any missed his last shot, and he had really essentially one bad rack in his final round. And it cost him the win. I thought I mean, Joe Harris said he's going to he's going to give the three point trophy to the university of Charlotte because they allowed him to practice in their Jim. Like, I mean, this was just a feel good night until the dunk contest. So which by the way, okay, sees Diablo one. What is it time to get rid of the dunk contest? It is. I think you know, when the when the Brian and a lot of the stars decided that I think they didn't want to do it. And we heard some players earlier at a press availability kind of talk about how social media and Twitter has amp the game up so much you seize ion. And you see a lot of high school players doing these crazy doubts in the NBA guys are like what am I gonna do differently? And so guys don't wanna go put themselves out there. So I think we have some different ideas. Like we were talking a little bit earlier. Why did it again a horse one eight person bracket and you go play horse. I don't think it will be the problem is TV was could killed along. Maybe have to go to pig or you have to get it down a little bit that could be fun. Well, we start the it's not a game a horse. It's a game Mississippi, then horse then big. I guess I don't I don't know. But I think it'd be fun because you know, what I envision I envision Steph curry standing in the tunnel shooting three like he does every night in pregame warmups for those of you don't know Steph curry stands in the tunnel at oracle arena and shoots a really long three. And the crowd loves remember the old commercial with MJ and Larry Bird, right? Oh, yeah. Donald's people love that spot. That's what I had. Visit guys do a trick shots and everybody using their creativity that could be yeah. That would be a ton of fun. Well, as we talk about NBA all star Saturday night on ESPN radio and the ESPN app whether or not it's time to get rid of the dunk competition. I. I'm a product of Jordan versus Dominique, okay? So I remember Kenny Walker and Spud Webb those are the dunk contest. I remember, and those are no longer the case. And I think you're this. Yeah. The stars not wanting to do it. I don't know how you fix that. Lebron james. I'm not getting in the dunk contest. Right. And I don't think anybody blames what there's not a ton to gain. And I get that. Lebron? I think earlier in his career he probably should have done it decided not to incense, then I think you've seen other stars kind of take the LeBron approach much like they've taken the approach of what we're gonna. We're gonna form super teams or do all this other stuff. You also see that. Now at the league is built on stardom. And when you have guys that most people don't even know that win it, I think that kind of ruins it. And then the fact that there's all these myths doubts, and they are constantly going to different formats the days of Dominique versus MJ at the old bowls arena. Where? Dominique got home or a little bit. That's. I think we need to get back to. Well. I grew up in Chicago, by the way, Dominique still today. One that dunk competition, that's the greatest and windmill dunk I've ever witnessed. But here nor there, you know. I think nobody wants to do the three the slam dunk contest because they're all busy practice in threes to win the dunk contest. You have to practice dunking at that level. I think is a skill. And I don't think it's easy to to. And by the way, it hurts dunking and practicing dunking, Kurt your risks in your hands. And everybody wants sure, oh, I know that I absolutely Kobe. I've actually Kobe and I've actually talked about this. I'm not kidding way. Back in the day. When I I covered Kobe and the Lakers. He and I talked about this. Because it does it hurts your wrist and stuff so here near there. Anyway, I think there's it is time to get rid of the dunk contest. Without question. Your thoughts are welcome on the one eight hundred flowers dot com Twitter feed, you can find me Tim Montemayor the Monte show. M O N T y the Monte show. And of course, he is Packer hall of Famer and soup. Bowl champion, Bartow. Sure. And you could find him at Mark sixty five. The other story today was a massive interview by Mark Garrett goes capper. Knicks lawyer has spoken about the collusion settlement in the NFL who won that did Capra win or did the NFL win. Let's talk about it next on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. The NFL has settled.

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