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West Virginia lottery 21 5 38 Traffic and weather on the 8th Monique glider in the WTO P traffic center Thanks Sarah Quite a few hiccups around the roadway starting in Virginia on the outer loop of the beltway enticing the off ramp toward eastbound 66 is blocked for the crash cleanup follow police direction around the activity continuing on the inner loop expect delays as you make your way into Maryland crossing the American legion bridge and that its volume only In Alexandria as you make your way across the Woodrow Wilson bridge brief delays there with volume I 66 looking pretty good both inside and outside the capitol beltway saying brief delays through Centreville eastbound And again nothing report blocking I 95 heavy and slow southbound from newington through lordon and into woodbridge northbound traveling to our running at speed with the help of express lanes In dumfries both ways near two 34 near country club drive southbound lanes are blocked with the crash cleanup northbound lanes are affected at last report a single lane is getting you by there expect to be under police direction Fast forward to mount Jackson Virginia this is southbound I 81 near mount Jackson exit two 73 all lanes reportedly blocked there for serious crash northbound lanes appear to be getting by Heading into the district three 95 heavy and slow crossing the 14th street bridge may have some activity as you make your way into the district on the southeast Southwest freeway nothing air reported D.C. two 95 heavy and slow in both directions usual volume areas between the 11th street bridge and benning road Now we are getting word of an incident eastbound on bending road near D.C. two 95 that crash had cleared however on benning road both ways near Oklahoma avenue we have report of an incident expect to be under police direction On the Baltimore Washington Parkway no sign of relief this is southbound between one 75 in Maryland 32 a single lane is still getting you by that crash there You're looking at at least a two and a half mile backup I 95 is running between Baltimore and the capital beltway expect brief delays in both directions in elkridge traveling to the eastern shore nothing standing in your way route 50 from Annapolis to the bay bridge remains a smooth ride Save up to $800 at mattress warehouse walk ins are welcome or you can book a private appointment Visit sleep happens dot com for a location near you I'm Monique blether WT traffic and now to storm team four meteorologist samarra Theodore It sets in overnight if you're planning on going out bundle up temperature is falling into the 30s tonight Tomorrow highs rise into.

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