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Is it is delusional is at ego is it just what we've gotten away with it for this log the worst thing to happen to them was donald trump getting elected well the ego i think is what took him down because manafort made himself a national public figure he was not a national public figure before he became trump's campaign chair will now unease there for five months manafort has worked for many worked for reagan he worked for for hw worked for dole this guy has been around for and of course it was manafort stone and and there is always the third when the net forget black was he has made it was like yeah i think so and i was the first lobby if you watched the gimme roger stone doc you'll see what they would be recreated american politics but a he was a french politician none of us knew whom polit a finger yeah you are pro political figure exactly he was a fringe political figure none of us knew who paul manafort was and he got centrestage in and you know he put himself centrestage in one of the most media frenzied elections in our entire history of course taken in rhyme of extreme information of course the at taking on the role as a as really the manager of the of the trump campaign yet for a long time manafort very wellknown he and roger stone and the like very well known to the political world get a political class and people who follow politics there sort of like what neil hamburger is very like comedy a majority of people have no idea who deal hammered like daniel johnston music industry musgrove yes exactly as your into it you know who you know but that was sort of that's where he was because that was also.

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