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That's code rogin draft kings. Make you know it. Just feels gross. I have too many outs or europe. So what do you think that juergen fans are you not surprised that he hassle changed tack somewhat and decided to allow mid roles during his time rice boy fire or do you like me. Think as mostly a spoilt decision to just insert amended because they paid for the licensing fee. And they're going to do whatever they need to do to make sure that they get their money's worth With having juergen on spotify platform let me know. Your opinion is in comments down. Be lo que se. What we have here. Oh this is funny. So of course i would. I would think a lot of people here familiar with my or are well aware of my interest in love dance. Music pacific techno. And you know that you know going through a global pandemic one paw of my life has been completely composed is my biddy to dj. Which i was doing prior most weekends every weekend. I think for the most part in local boston pops in my local area i live in and of course being a fan of music or the pair of techno technologies which allow me to go to various places across europe Kind frankfurt basel in madrid paris. Lots of other places to basically go and see some of the prestige award some of the best cubs in the world and It was a big part of my life. People can attest to this right when you're when you're clever when you're a fan of dance music when you finally electronic music Go into the clubs going to a favorite. Dj play or go into just commute socialize with your little community illu Subculture for lack of batum is pawn possible to being into something. Just don't think people were just listen to music and just keeping that you want to go at least a couple of shows right whatever it may be right and maybe a couple of yearly pilgrimages to places like carrying will be included buffet most part. Just your local scene is good enough right. You wanna see local actual He's come over. Britain britain. But of course we call it. That's been completely come off the table for the best part of a year also a regular. Anyway we've had obviously some sort of covid safe type of events popping up here and dab in berlin they had this would solve eye opening thing going on kind of have a better culture their opener paul es which are essentially just raves. Pies are happening in big arden's They have those sap in most places or most venues. You're are able to kind of Utilized spaces in that way..

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