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Stewart a native of minnesota has also been running on a theme of preserving southern heritage making multiple statements opposing the removal f confederate monuments glaspie for his part has been walking a delicate line when it comes to trump neither denouncing nor fully embracing the president here's how oh he answered a question from a reporter for the washington d c news station nbc four and that whether he wants trump support if he's the party's nominee for governor i wanna have everyone will come in and help you know this is going to be a tough race in so obviously help from president trump vice president pence mapping out of all the help i can get while he has us if santeuil lead in the gop primary republicans may face an uphill general election battle in virginia the only southern state that democrat hillary clinton won in 2016 political scientist clinton kid of christopher newport university says successful republicans have to bring together divergent factions of the party while appealing to new transplants from outside the state especially in the washington dc suburbs and along the coast there simply aren't enough republicans in virginia left who care about the things that virginians cared about conservative virginia's cared about in the nineteen 50s 60s southern hair cultural issues issues related to race and ethnicity kit says that's no longer the virginia of today and certainly not of the future voters from both major parties will choose their nominees on june thirteen sarah maccammon npr news virginia.

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