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Can be difficult. But if your company that's currently trying to hire you face new difficulties housing wire could relate. They needed to hire a reporter to cover the US housing markets. So they turned his recruiter smart, matching technology with the right experience for your job. In fact, four out of five employers who post on zipper critter get a quality candidate within the first day. And that's how housing found Alexandra Roa. Alexandra never imagined she could get a reporter job in the midst of Copan, 19 until she created a profile on Super Creative recruiter matched Alexandra Housing Liars reporter job because she was a great fit for the role housing wire received her application only four hours after they posted a job in a few weeks later, Alexander started her dream career recruiter. Health housing wire. Find the right person for their role fast. See how zip recruiter can help you hire? Try it now for Adsit recruiter dot com slash free That zip recruiter dot com slash free fx ht to Denver. Okay. How news time. 10 03 Colorado State patrol, Along with Denver Police are working to clear homeless cans from Civic Center Park today, Francine can be seen going up in the area and people are being given the option to clear out on their own. Others will be bussed out of the area. Officials say health concerns such as rats and drug use, as well as the risk of covert 19 or leading to that action crews could be seen in the area sifting through needles and other items from the camps. Physic. Ongoing debate among parents is what happens. Just schools during the covert 19 outbreak, so use Dr Kevin Welner says the situation far from ideal. Obviously, the ideal is to have in person instruction and kids learn a lot more than when they're learning remotely over Choi, but In person instruction right now comes with risk. Several districts in the Metro area Authority decided to go 100% online to at least start the academic here and sports Iraqis back at it today on the road against the A's Ah, home openers Friday against the Padres. That's the latest I'm Chad Hoffman. No impact traffic..

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