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Protesters outside st louis city hall during this morning's otherwise silent march downtown it was there that a speaker called st louis the new selma it was at the march a second and final stop at the city office building a fifteen twenty market of the protesters called for the civilian oversight board to be given teeth in the form of subpoena power hey to other protesters scheduled for six thirty two seething on the del mar loop we ask state representative bruce france junior win they will end when we know the black lives matter brian kelly newsradio eleven twenty kmox a small group of protestors briefly blocked the street on arms all campus this morning and some closures in the eu's city loop due to that plan protest the three kings pub disclosing at five froyo closing at nine the misery history museum announced its canceling the twilight tuesday performance tomorrow due to the unavailability of off duty police officers who normally work the concert series kevin coming reports now support is pouring in for area police a show of support the public has brought in hundreds and hundreds of bottled water for police at the st louis police officers association union hall here on hampton also these jerky cookies alpo dog biscuits for the canine unit officers say they had been through thirty officers in the city of an injured both rome bricks and bottles at also last night by a sort of homemade maize some sort of a liquid that was thrown on the police no serious injuries from that but they say the stress is there the aclu says the protests are about more than just the stockily verdict president jeffrey movements as people marching bring to the forefront injustice some in the community feel every day but he does have some advice for protesters even if you have the right to be someplace if the police improperly tell you to leave of course in the moment it's best to leave and follow the direction and then we will litigate issues later kmox news time for thirty four as sushi al parks than i care and others clean up after another violent night and st most the neighborhood association is stepping up to hell downtown neighborhood association vicechair dana k goddard says her group in downtown st louis inc raised hundreds of dollars for paint supplies to cover the light blue particle board that dots ob of st.

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