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H. o. Essential medicines like hydroxy. Clark when ivermectin saruman these things for these diseases for for decades and and so this is. You can't use the -mergency use if you have therapies there for are fed food and drug administration. Their job is safety. Well i got news for you. Essay and roundup is toxic causes cancer. Our food is toxic. It's time the fda says by by your fired put people like stephanie. Now who just wrote a book about the toxic legacy of of of Of blyth say put her in charge. Clean house put scientists with integrity. Take these criminals to the town square and electrocute them and and literally show everybody that this but this kobe will never happen again. You'll get the variant dues. Your tony lied. He's a criminal liar. Robert redfield the minute. He wasn't the head of the fda emitted. Oh yeah we kinda 'cause this oh yeah kinda came from wuhan. Oh yeah everything. Dr g mike had said was true year. Now oh yeah we just we. We put this fraudulent test. Now you know everybody knew it was fraud. You don't do pr forty-three cycle. That's noise now. That they stopped at the minute. The administration changed and that was illegal to hold the minute. The minute the ministration and change. We dropped it down to twenty three cycles. We dropped down to what it was supposed to be in order to detect even the presence of a virus. Oh well you can't do that 'cause then you know it came from the vaccine that delta very sorry you injected it until now what did they say. Oh the mortgage all bad news. Another test and that won't happen until december and in the meantime they're mandating that children worldwide innocent people worldwide. Can't go back to school to get a job. Can't novak's no service. I'm is horrible. I i don't understand this at all. I can't believe this but before we go into one this. Do you have any faith in the fda. At all i mean. Do you think that they're going to approve. This one of my francis doctor doesn't believe that they're gonna prove the the the blue they're gonna prove these vaccines and if they don't approve. What does that mean for. All the people that had to get through mandate on this thing is. They're going to be an upheaval. I mean we'll what is the outcome for this. I'm just so real point well just like the pr. Oh yeah oh yeah sorry. That didn't work. What about all those people whose lives you ruined because they tested positive and they couldn't go back to work or they committed suicide or their friends. Ostracize them in the beginning and now it's the same thing you know we. That was the biggest experiment in human history forced experiment that data safety seat left blank. That package insert. That's because you're part of an experiment and now it's like oh good booster so we could kill you because when we we're not going to tell you which part of the experiment you know the fda. I never had any faith in the fda their criminal. They've been criminal since hiv aids when they use easy t- at toxic doses when they refused to allow peptide thi. This is what our book you know. Watch the dallas buyers club watched the band played on. You know. Watch what the fda did to the original deplorables gays the iv drug users. They sprint. they forced the at risk population. Did to get a contaminated deadly hepatitis b. vaccine and spread hiv through the world. No i don't have any faith that i never had faith in them..

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