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A couple of years ago msu you lost a middle tennessee musty was number two seed middle tennessee was the fifteenth we had we're talking about national you know big time national losses msu had a national player of the year denzel valentine okay and fastest player in the league tom there what happened was middle tennessee shot the lights out they had five guys in double figures it was we still talk about it well you know in in in mike thanks for the call in michigan in what that was remember that game that it was similar to maryland baltimore county that that team was a better than a fifteen seed middle tennessee state michigan state had a potential national championship team that year and i look at maryland baltimore county and i can't get over that they lost a game by forty four to albany earlier in the year and that was a big upset that something you know tom izzo coveted second national championship and we'll see like i said the road is syracuse duke in probably kansas just to get to a villanova butler west virginia that's on one side and then you look at a team like michigan their road now will be texas eight emmer north carolina followed by gonzaga or xavier just to get the san antonio but there on that south side of the bracket and who knows who survived that best guess right now would be cincinnati or kentucky but how do you count out loyalist chicago in maryland baltimore county can't happen go to tim in ohio you're on the saturday night show how you doing hey timmy how you doing good buddy okay the jets speaking baltimore and super bowl three indiana beat north carolina when michael jordan and worthy in perkins for north carolina in the parents beat the yankees in the nineteen sixty world series when the yankees had man on there's fair howard way forward all right thank you tim in ohio it's go to bobby and south carolina here on the saturday night healed show bobby i was born and raised in michigan.

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