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How do I? You know I, WanNa maintain good posture in this. Episode because I can tell already. Tax is going to be disappointed if I don't sort of represent. Well on that four hold on a second I just want I want to be clear. You think I am stickler on posture. You're obviously looking to me as a role model for posture, alignment and IDOL WANNA disappoint. Adam I'll say and I'm just opening myself up for daggers right now from one of my oldest friends and partners Adam Horovitz here, but I think my pastoral alignment has really improved over over the Mike. You are actually taller for really see. My thing is fantastic posture. But how bad was it when we are a teenager? I literally couldn't even like look up at Lake. is now my, but you wanted it and you went for it and you did it. Make you made it happen. How Tall Are you Mike? I think I've remained five ten all along, but I read maybe five ten and a half now in the dock. You read to me as six one. Yeah, I would agree. Skinny six one I'm going to say you're blowing air up my buttock. I would have been a considerable deal of money. Why can we talk about an atom? I think we've talked about this, but I have a theory about front people of bands. That, you should never be over six feet rarely. The only exception I have to that rule is Joey ramone but joey. Always had the MIC stand as a prop like he felt so awkward. Being so tall that he was like bent over, and he had the Mike Stan, so it kind of mitigated his his height I think you're ignoring one of the greatest frontmen of all time in led Zeppelin what will hold out Robert Dole. Plant. I've leaned in public. No, Adam and I met him. We met him in a lobby I went camping with him. That's that's a lie. He's a good six one change, not true. Maybe it's later in life, but we met him and the man is not far off from Lilliputian. Lilli. Tiny characters in what story yeah literally put you know. The people who come from lily put. The story. Is it like Huck Finn. Refers to a person of smaller height could add very nice guy. When we met him in the in the hotel couldn't have been nicer honestly like it does say he's six one on the Internet. Internet, live zoom at a stop light in Manhattan. I'm six two in change in. We were virtually looking I just for whatever that's worth unless he could add huge boots on. I'll tell you what. Maybe maybe it's an an no disrespect. Maybe it's an aging thing because we met him ten years ago when we on tour when we met him at them, I'm just wondering on Wikipedia. Do they take account for boots and Shit on Wikipedia? Great Question. It's a great question. I doubt we'll figure that out here..

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