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Some interesting new direction there. We'll have to see. I don't think that's going to be the biggest aspect of these machines. Though i think the biggest part of this can be basic blocking tackling. How much performance. You're going to get out of it. How much battery life. You're going to get out of it than that edge. Lastly any other wild cards you expect from this event. Oh well there could be any number of interesting things. i think. Apple's probably mostly gonna focus on these max and they're gonna wanna keep it clean and simple and focus. I'm not expecting things to be coming out of the blue. Like airtags but you know they could do something interesting they could do this new version of mag safe that they have up for charging iphones. Maybe they could do something like that with their new air model laptops where they have something. You can plop your laptop down on a pad and it charges there or maybe your magic mouse. Who knows there could be some interesting accessory. Plays i think. Europe for apple but Don't think we're going to see them. Walking very far off the beaten track here. This is going to be a math event. Gotcha and obviously arm chips. We think about arm at least if you're a nerd like me when you think about arm you'd think about the integration with sailor capabilities. So you think it's a little premature to speculate on whether or not we'll get you know four g or five g connectivity and one of these things because that that seems like that would be a sort of ultimate goal of getting some this stuff. Sinked up into a mac book. It's an interesting idea. There's been a lot of windows laptop makers who've tried that but the products have been not mainstream. They've been sort of focused very you road warriors. Business people are constantly traveling things like that. It does add expense and adds another data plan. That people are often reluctant to pay for. So i don't think for now it's going to be a top priority but in the long run you know look we all need to be connected to the internet. All the time. I think it's possible and certainly moving to arm processors same type. It's in the iphone the ipad that becomes easier if apple wants to go that route. I don't think it's going to happen for a couple years at least okay. Well thanks for your time. Shank could check out all of our apple coverage on sina dot com if you have any questions hit us up on twitter at charred or send me a text message by signing up at six four six four six one four nine one also please subscribing rate to show. It really helps us out for the other or roger chan listening. Thank you hear from conflict. Nation has the conflict dot com. Today we're talking about. The snyder versus inpatient still be around. Or what w do it. We're also gonna talk about large bore. He's returning to save the feld reliable and never going to into ten of sorts faces as well as everything you should be reading about half the showpiece..

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