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The relationships between the women in machine communities at sitcom the way in the first episode she's she's gone on a match drunken texting sprayed with her exboyfriend and how best friend just unquestioningly covers up for and makes the icao flip totally metal doughty is what girls would day that is the left as koeman's on again delay friends fema friends are do they would be no you wouldn't shaft your friend you wouldn't make elects do you paid epa that's what would happen in most sitcoms but in in fact him anti you would do what have friend days and that italy and says and you still occur again other than just goes it's like it's i thought i mean obviously this world is quite far away from my well by just thought i tell believe this i think i know people who earn although his quote forward from our world being khanna in the two two decades for the roman on the journey it does ring true no matter what gender you are the you know when you're in your 30s you don't really know was going on and you do for up and you do kind of like you have mixing days and stuff because you kind of still trying to figure out how to behave and how to counter by israel about the guy had never seen friends you had yet it's a very amazed smelly cats thought pilot mentioned earlier is still on more ford yeah i watched there and it's much more basic and it kind of less sophisticated there's got a dot is that there is in in the screen vision by encourage you to watch it for an absolutely excellent worldclass brian harvey baked potato chip schering's mina michael lawrence lau considering actual rail brian harvey whose you appears pilot arrive gary brian how ryan hi maggie baked between has got in my estimation so brian harvey if you're listening we salute if you're okay of pulling a little bit as well yes that sort of falling over an economy sca that sort of nobility of.

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