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This week is Helen lead. That's L. I not l. e. e. and Helen and I happen to virtually meet on a private facebook page called asian-american podcasters and I was one of the early members of that and it's pretty astounding how many he's Merck and podcasters they're out there or those who are in the midst of planning to launch one and Helen fit in the latter category and she happened to say that you know she was looking for some some mentoring some advice. Because she was up against a very big. Time deadline. Her whole point of doing this podcast was to stimulate API, young voters especially Jesse's to register and vote in this upcoming election and. Since we were both coming from the same side of the aisle that that really greased the rails for me iris-out to her and even though she's on the other side of the earth. Gaber some feedback on what she was planning and Lo and behold. She is pulled this off. In addition to. Giving her an opportunity to talk a bit about. This new podcast fresh off the vote I also was intrigued because she was a delegate at the first ever virtual democratic national, convention and so that's why we Recorded this the day after the convention ended and were actually airing it. This week, which is very, very current So we get a fresh take on what exactly happened there and anyway. Just, love how the Internet can bring us closer together even over far apart speaking of virtually vents. The Asian American Pacific Islander Api Christians. Racial. Justice townhall is going to be held September third from five to six PM and Again, it's a virtual event. Let me tell you a bit about this. It's a conversation with API faith and community leaders on racial justice and its impacts on the API community and. We will put the log for zoom in the show notes for this episode I. Think it's IT'S Really I think it has great potential to. Help. API. Christians Christian leaders in particular understand where the Biden. Camp is coming from when it comes to faith. In this case, Christian faith I have been fortunate enough to be included in a weekly. Virtual call with Joshua Dixon, who is the Biden campaigns director of faith outreach. So he he's been very helpful in getting this collection. Of leaders to be able to organize this, and there's GonNa be a virtual town halls. Covering other aspects but just want to let you know this is coming up September third from five to six, six PM and I believe that's Pacific Standard Time. Anyway, we'll put the links on the show notes and you can check it out. Definitely. Let people you know who are API Christian faith theaters. Because I think this is really important election and they need to not just be voting in the dark if you will. Our web page. A PODCAST DOT COM is going to be. Experiencing and makeover pretty soon and. We're able to do this comfortably because of recent donations from some of our very, very loyal listener. So thank you very much and. If you appreciate what we're doing here Alison I. have no qualms of encouraging to go to a PODCAST DOT COM click on the donate tab. This is not tax deductible but you know every little bit helps. I mean seriously five dollars. Fifty dollars or whatever amount You can afford right now and if you can't you know we understand. But here's something you can do. That will also help us please rate and review US especially and I tunes so that we can kind of creep up in the listening there and definitely a I don't say this enough please. Recommend particular episode to a family member CO worker friend because word of mouth is the best form of advertising. We have two dogs again our golden retriever Dylan passed away from cancer. A little over a year now, and so we already had our first Corgi. Her name is Kogi. Kogi the CORGI and we replaced Dillon. Placed him. We got another dog another puppy Corgi, and we named him Chemo and If you know anything about the breed, corgis are very intelligent, very active they are not sedentary people. And they really need to have their intelligence. Used every you know they need to use it and One of the ways is finding things in fetching things and and they need to exerciser they they. They just have all this energy stored up and the guy get it out, and then they take an APP and then they have more energy from the NAP. Well, the dogs are very different Kogi. She is very, very specific about what she will chase. They're like to maximum three balls. that she will chase you anything else and she'll just look at you like, okay stupid go get it right but. She will go and find if she can't see it. She will go and find one of her favorites and she'll bring it to you, and that's that Chemo on the other hand the puppy he's he's almost a year old. He's happy. Go Lucky and he'll basically fetch anything you throw I mean you could throw a bath towel and he would go get it and bring it back. So one of the things that I decided I wanted to teach him to fetch was a Frisbee. So I bought these two Doug Frisbees, they're hard plastic not necessarily the best thing for some dog's mouth, but he doesn't seem to mind at the PETSMART store these about nine ten inches in diameter and so It took him a maybe two three weeks to get to the point where he actually looks over shoulder as he's running in the direction, he sees your arm point. And if you do a decent throw, he will jump as high as British legs will take him and he will grab that out of the air in his teeth and bring it back you now well, the cute things. To see is to see this dog who's probably. Maybe eight inches tall at the shoulder bringing back this nineteen inch diameter hard plastic disk in his mouth A. Lot of times he steps on the edge and it falls out and then he has to pick it up again but he's determined because he he loves chasing this. He just really seemed to like tracking things that are flying in the air, and then you know give himself a chance to actually get it. So the other night after dinner as our custom I would. Throw one of Kobe's selected balls. Down this hill in our backyard and then grab one of the FRISBEES. And throw it in the other direction for Chemo and. Have a great time and. Chemo was catching like crazy and bring it back and catching like raise and bring it back and then on this latest throw I threw it. He went up as High Z could Katainen his teeth. And then as excitement and kind of running blind because of holding this, if you can imagine in his mouth sometimes it, it's sticking up vertically so he can't see where he's going. He happened to run right to a somewhat dry pile of dog poop I. Don't know if he did it or Kogi did it and I had seen it when we first started playing in normally I'm very good about finishing up the playing area, the playing field before we play but I just thought Oh you know I'm very accurate I'll throw it in. Both dogs they..

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