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In fact i brings up against where's my daughter shut down and i wanna competition oddball lifetime free dollars lull okay that reminds me of to remember back in two thousand nineteen ninety six think he wasn't like that a guy sued pepsi for not giving him a harriet jet yes because those we didn't hear about this boeing on my computer making noise and shut up computer so apparently they had some competition if i remember right we could collect points from pepsi labels and stuff like that and jokingly pepsi said if you click seven million points you get a harriet jet adam and guts well it turns out that some dude basically figured out a way of getting seven million point i then asked for his junk are are their thing here she got seven million i think we did was he he put together way he won't back him up and said look i'm a oh you could bury that we thought what are you that's right so you guys here i just looked it up lenovo is some fine print in place of labels can seems to buy pepsi points he did the mass and quickly figured that it take seven hundred thousand dollars to buy the pepsi points need for the jazz then he hit the phones convinced five well off investors to give him seven hundred i however your job lynchpin of britain's superiority tribe knocked available for seven hundred crap yet had generally just not available right so now you cannot book up the about the outlawed by what are they make out okay roy czech knowhow it yes so they they the yeah there were two it went coats in the cut of fizzled out but i think that's one of the reasons why they have they have some like disclaiming now add who's right that was arguments subcompany where they said you will toyota.

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