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Rookie. I was really anxious to your how he did this drill with Jalen Samuels last year and then any snow this year in so far additives three from the first day of padded practice the first time in drill Benny Snell has represented himself the best of the three in terms of pass protection. <hes> James Connor was ridiculed for his pass protection. JALEN ON SAMUELS is basically turn into a turnstile or getting trucked at every occasion Benny Snow held his own. He's bigger guy. James Connor was working with them. <hes> on the defensive side Ola Danielle was very impressive in this drill they. They said he's looking really really good and people forget that last season he was potentially going to be a big time. It was going to be the fourth outside linebacker until he heard his hamstring and week for the preseason. They put with him on injured reserve so let me let me podgy real quick before you finish with your can't recapitalize days. Please say Olah's name incorrectly so listeners if you're out there checking out the super chat feature. It's where you can contribute to the show. Ask a question of this so we're trying to do a tip jar for mispronunciations of names so Jeff rewind about fifteen sec his name incorrectly correctly so I if I'm doing if I'm failing my western Pennsylvania and it's <hes> Oehler Edina ear or something like that that Dini there you go so so so so if you're you're out there you want to contribute to the program using the super chat feature anytime we mispronounce a name when I go to intially please tip us of buck there you go anything you want. Let's hear other notables <music> <hes> so far and again to non padded practice one padded practice juju Smith Schuster has been a frigging monster they he's been catching deep balls from Ben. Eh they do their seven shots to start practice with the seven plays from the the the two point conversion line and it's offense versus defense e stop them defense wins offense. You know best out of seven. He's got several touchdowns in that regard. Dante moncrieff has been turning heads. James Washington is has looked good <hes>. It's tough with like running backs because I did it. I was reading about how <hes> Web has been doing looking good a they're not really hitting so it's not a bad thing jeff though you're talking about the wide receivers doing. Work during the first today. Is that a is it. I know it's good because they're playing well but is it bad because they're killing the secondary as well like it's the first two days is like touch football. It's really tough to gauge and golden because you're you're really run seven on sevens. They do have some eleven on eleven periods but it's mainly seven on seven <hes>. I don't know anyways defensively. There's has been much to note because they can't hit anybody until today <hes> so it would see how it goes. I do know that already burned his pick cameron. Sutton has had a couple Brian Allen got his hands on a football ones haven't heard much about I always look for rookie reports. Dante Johnson's conditioning has been grade had a first few couple of practices have rough but he's getting acclimated had a good practice today from what I read <hes> haven't heard anything about guys like Ulysses Gilbert Sutton Smith <hes> all those guys are pretty much just been regular camp bodies at this point because there's today the dashes the Yes exactly..

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