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People where his than the mess connection here or was it just they didn't think it three all this was the play and the whole time let's just throws the money out just together and just it seems there's there's a there's a master plan here that they're not parents and well they better get there blind together because if the stories keep swirling for weeks again two words two words and curry and then yeah yeah and on top of that list just think about this for sack now power making kelly do we do we see chemistry that do well i like many savannah together i love katie katie matt together but you know absolutely and i say you know i don't see it i don't i don't think i'm a again is like i don't know i don't think may get again when you're the perfect anchor for that is the anger that can do a cooking segment in one minute and then an interview you know runs previous seven and the and the next minute so and i'm sure kelly can do it but i don't know if you could do the falloff as good as he does right you know i ate and some people like or better at just it seemed comedy as opposed to comedy improv exactly it's like yeah they just can't do comedy improv because they're just so there lots of being so a solitary for see us yeah so i don't know i don't know him be see i i don't know but let's go read abc they're making good decisions.

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