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Three homes are slated for demolition following a massive five alarm fire in bay on Saturday afternoon. Firefighters were called to the initial blaze at home on Andrew street. Witnesses say they heard a loud explosion. It was just burst the flames an inferno an inferno. I the first house that we're we're the I understand the explosion happened. The fire reportedly was sparked by a plumber trying to fix a waterpipe, though, arson. Investigators are continuing to search for the exact cause windy conditions fuel the flames for several hours forty people were displaced to sustained minor injuries. The Red Cross is helping eleven families who lost their homes. A woman has died after being rescued from under the ice of the Hudson river near poughkeepsie on Saturday afternoon. She apparently walked onto the ice and fell through a tugboat found the woman after the coast guard alerted Mariners in the area the coastguards ice and rescue response team used LA. Large mallets to break, the ice and reached the woman underneath she was found unresponsive pulled from the water and brought onto a pier. She was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. Virginia governor Ralph Northam refuses to resign. A bit of controversy surrounding a racist photo on his yearbook page northern denied being in the photo, which shows two men in black face and klu Klux Klan robes, a fellow democrat, New York Senator presidential candidate Cureton. Gillibrand says northern should resign immediately. He should resign. I saw the photo so disturbing so racist. There's no place for racism in our government among our leaders. It really just was so disturbing Northam says he doesn't believe it's him in the picture. And he even said he didn't know about the photo from nineteen Eighty-four until it surfaced a dog that went missing in Manhattan has been spotted in New Jersey after the canine somehow ran all the way through the Lincoln tunnel lo-lose. Owner says the dog is a nine month old rescue from Puerto Rico who got away Thursday afternoon near ninth avenue and forty second street. He does.

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