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To locate a 14 year old female who was found deceased in that dressing room Now that's what we know now These are tragic and unfortunate sequence of events He adds officers shot the unidentified man after he attacked a woman LAPD chief Michael Moore said a clear and transparent investigation will take place more also said body cameras 9-1-1 calls and other videos will be released on Monday The threat of the amaran variant in California continues to intensify Nicky Macarthur's reports California health officials report the highly contagious variant is evident in 50 to 70% of new coronavirus cases in parts of the state Clinical and wastewater data show that all Macron cases are present in most regions of California indicating that there is likely community transmission The state's health department says the emergence of a emphasizes the importance of getting a COVID vaccine booster and falling safety measures to prevent the virus from spreading Today marks the 25th anniversary of one of the nation's most infamous unsolved mysteries on December 26th 1996 the body of 6 year old jombe Ramsey was found by her father in the basement of their Colorado home Her death was ruled a homicide in her parents John and Patsy Ramsey were initially considered suspects They were later cleared of suspicion Boulder police say the case remains open in authorities hope that DNA will eventually help solve the crime and Oklahoma 6th grader is being recognized for saving a classmate from choking and then rescuing a woman from a house fire all in the same day 11 year old davian Johnson was dubbed an honorary police officer honorary sheriff's deputy and a hero all in a single day as well Johnson school principal says the young boy always talked about becoming an EMT so he got to put the desire into action with his acts of heroism I'm dean Kody And under these Pellegrini in the Bloomberg news room as we've been reporting omicron cases of COVID continue to grow here in the tri state area and around the country doctor Brown university school of public health though says it is possible the pandemic could ease as the variants become increasingly less deadly And we will get to a point certainly by the end of this new year coming up We will get to a point where we'll see new waves of infection It will not have a big effect on hospitals People will go on People will not get really sick and die And we.

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