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One too let's see it does say the these are the ones that they miss are also somebody has Jennings than men this see if you can answer these cruises compiled by fansite yeah all three of the miss these question okay I don't care you could guide now you smarter than Ken Jennings multi vehicle crash eastbound I. Etienne parley's canyon at least three vehicle slid out and crashed into each other about a mile past the quarry sardine canyon has winter driving conditions there's not snow on the road but it's I see so allow extra time for your commute between Logan and Brigham city traction lawn affect big cottonwood canyon be prepared with four wheel drive or chains and little cottonwood canyon closed until eight o'clock for avalanche control lots of congestion south gate of hill airforce base in Layton also Roy gave is seeing some back up there and we check our message stream no nothing there but if you see something you or share with friends of the program you can text to two or three three nine eight six now we've got Boehner's round one coming up here the candidates a **** Canada number one fuel dump number two god verses rainbows and number three part of all rights round one your Boehner's big going news all coming up after these zero red is dot com zero ray as if you have a a dirty carpets or tile or upholstery people have been calling zeros to fix that stuff up form clean that stuff up for seventeen years in the valley Mr mazing yeah I I've had them not just to carpet but I hadn't do upholstery of had him do tile of how to reseal my countertops they do all that so Intel the end of the month this month of January zero resist celebrating the new year by throwing back their prices to the original offer that they made seventeen years ago when they came here to the greater Salt Lake area zero ray as will clean three rooms for Joss let's see during their anniversary sales your resume throwing back yeah eighty nine ninety five for three rooms clean.

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