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Play 16 straight day, starting with a three game set in Tampa Bay against the division leading raise. Brian. It's an alley WBZ, Boston's NewsRadio 7 43. Let's go back to the roads and see how we're doing in traffic and weather together. Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes that expressway hanging on Mike. Yeah, yeah. Hasn't eased out just yet. Here, Nicole. We're still looking at an afternoon rush on the expressway South. It is just crawling from the tunnel down past South Bay in Columbia Road. Once you clear the gas tank, that's where you start to move better, But it's at least 20 minutes from the tunnel down to the brains re split nouns. Fine all the way in Room. Three South has the usual stop and go down towards Derby Street, where it goes down to two lanes. 1 20. It's now clear from the pike down into debt, and Westwood. Now up to the north. We've got an issue with 4 95 North, which is backed up well under a mile now up through Chelmsford. It's a crash cleanup going on at Route three, and the right line is taken up. Their Ruwan is now clear up past the Lindfield Tunnel. 1 20 eight's in good shape from Walt them all the way into Beverly. And Roots three and 93 are both fine over the state line into New Hampshire. Now to the West, Re two westbound is backing up very quickly through Harvard and Devon's. It's roadwork, setting up out by route 1 11. They've got you down to one lane for a bit there. The Mass Turnpike is good. So is 2 90 through downtown Worcester and Downtown Boston is good. The lower deck of 93 the Ted Williams Tunnel, Storrow Drive, I'll check out Okay. My king WBC's traffic on the threes for the rest of the night. The weather looking fantastic out there. Open up the windows. Great Sleeping weather tonight mostly clear, low near 60, right by the coast, 50 of your north and west for tomorrow, a little bit warmer than it was today. Still not humid. That's.

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