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Carrie this team i just can't and i'm not even care but more than carried the load that you'd carried to this point do land with better and headley is improved his average age the run of average up to acceptable no power whatsoever of four months all our power which he's playing a power position beat first the third reich they got tied razor coming some home runs he's coming here and not at all months so how bad the other guys in the yankees lineup i'm not saying carried the team on saying help pick up the slack for slots struggling aaron judged let me ask you this jody do you think it's too shrunk to say the judge makes this offense go yes no not to strongest i it's it's fact it is stonecold fact yeah but if everybody else picks it up then they could be okay and then they could take the pressure off him at well when i'm kind of point here in cleveland has week eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six we'll get to your yankee calls gray making his first start in a yankee uniform tonight fascinating weekend set against the cleveland indians mousse and mack with you updates on we'll get your calls here's p monday samak pressures on sunny gray as he makes his first start with the yankees tonight in cleveland against the indians yanks had route three of four and the have struggled but gray was on fire heading into the fray deadline four into a one point four ayar at the last two months it starting to click and i'm starting to and you'll see i started to to fill the baseball again in and make it do the things that i've always been able to make it do make it move a little bit more one way or the other gory clover on the mound for the indians covered six thirty here on the fan named john nets wrap up a ten game road trip in denver and after noon game against the.

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