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Machel says the immediately place the driver on paid leave when they learned of his arrest Monday past all of our Washington state patrol background checks to the FBI fingerprinting there was no indication either that allegations that led to the arrests were anything that happened during school or on the bus still they have learned and parents of students on the routes he drove which included elementary middle and high school students more charges could be filed as well against the defendant as the victim told detectives that for reads adopted children have also been assaulted Carly Johnson coma news police in laci say a report of a shooting that drew a large police response was a false alarm the only be reports a woman in her fifties was arrested on Thursday on suspicion of giving a false report police say she called emergency dispatchers at eleven fifty five AM and said someone had been shot in the face and later that multiple shots have been fired in a residential area Lacey police and Thurston county sheriff's deputies went to check it out but found no victim and neighbors reported hearing no shots police say this was not the first time this woman is called and made a false report but this is the first one of this magnitude that's call most Franklin's the IBM takes aim at another well known tech company come was bill o'neil has more on the new lawsuit filed against Zillow in the suit filed this week in California IBM claims a low is using patented technology to build key parts of its home value estimation and search feature. according to the choir seven patents are at the center of the suit among them are ones that use computer power to analyze the desirability of geographic areas as well as list may searches allowing users to see the results on a map IBM is asking for damages along with an order barring Zillow from using the seven patents involved the company says it has tried for years to reach a patent licensing agreement with Zillow in a statement Zillow says the suit is without merit bill o'neil komo news and iconic character from the Pacific Northwest is being honored this weekend as her life story opens onstage Kamel's Brian Calvert with that story. Dennis see sees the oldest that what she does. here's a guy to put on a dress sold a ticket and stayed in business for fifty two years Klay right don horn is referring to Walter coal from the bottom of my heart. just call me. Seles called Portland home for over five decades to honor the character and the man behind the character horn has written the ultimate tribute to the world's oldest working drag star long before RuPaul ever hit the mainstream. businesses have done that. first time our dress I was thirty seven years old if you don't count of three year old structure around in mama's high heels decades ago she transformed a rundown bar into dar's cell fifteens show place you currently has an exhibit of her gallons open at the Oregon Historical Society and now her life stories been turned into a musical called that's no lady that star cell I hope when he watches the show that he knows that I love him. I cry out I want to honor him. and that he is. and after Walter Cole sees his life as a musical he'll likely head back over to the show plays with the eighty eight year old will once again Donna wig address and some make up and become a truly iconic local character you have to find your way and be who you are you can well on what's happened before because you can change that for you can. change what's going to happen in the foreign view that's no lady that star self the musical plays through October fifth at Portland's Lincoln hall Brian Kelberg come on. news time twelve twenty time for an update on sports now it's almost Tom Butler a tough test for the dogs as they hit the road a loud white out crowd at lavell Edwards stadium awaiting the Huskies tomorrow and pro number twenty two Washington facing B. Y. U. for the first time this year the dogs are in a hostile environment and with a lot of volume from B. Y. U. fads coach Chris Petersen says the Huskies pop noise into practices to prepare as best they can it's not exactly the same because we have no voice all the time and you try to. you know what it's like you have it all the time they actually do better it's when you don't fluctuate like a real game. and you know every job also I sometimes at home when it's quiet so we prepared does all the camera the communication thing. I can't tell you how much we from day one whether there's no noise or noise that's just what we do our coverage starts seven thirty tomorrow morning twelve thirty kickoff Washington favored by six and a half in Pullman tonight game seven thirty as the cruise over Pactual plague is UCLA as an eighteen and a half point favorite Seahawks at home study against the saints New Orleans without quarterback drew Brees he suffered a hand injury last week and had surgery Wednesday teddy Bridgewater started his place Seattle favor by four and a half and errors winners of seven of the last nine in Baltimore over their final road series of the season tonight sports at ten forty pats each our toddler on the home of the Huskies come on who's someone whose time twelve twelve a New Jersey man has been arrested for allegedly spying for a major terrorist organization more from ABC's with Johnson for years federal authorities say some of America's most iconic landmarks were watched and scouted for possible attacks Times Square the statue of liberty the you when you're there for bridges dozens of locations in New York alone forty two year old Alexi sob under arrest accused of supporting Hezbollah Hezbollah as a terrorist organization this controlled and funded by Iran there across the world they've been associated or involved in a number of attacks the FBI says it's now recovering photos and videos from sobs devices depicting highly populated locations and other major cities like Boston's Fenway Park in the U. S. capitol where they say he looked for structural weaknesses to maximize damage sob was living in New Jersey investigators say he came to the U. S. in two thousand apply for citizenship in two thousand five becoming a naturalized citizen just three years later authorities say he traveled to Lebanon ten times in seventeen years getting extensive weapons training A. K. forty sevens ten sixteen am bomb making for documents showing drawing sob allegedly made of explosives it's those kind of locations that they're looking for because they want to inflict. maximum fear and then potentially maximum economic damage on the United States prosecutors also say that soft attempted to murder a man he suspected to be an Israeli supply and that he confessed to it. engine which was allegedly paid twenty thousand dollars to marry a woman he hardly knew to try to gain her citizenship if convicted he faces years in prison ABC's with Johnson reporting and fed ex is one of its pilots was recently arrested in China FedEx is the Hong Kong based pilot was arrested while trying to board a commercial flight home after making a delivery in mainland China he was accused of carrying ammunition Moffett access he had pellets that are used in low power air guns and they weren't metal the former U. S. Air Force pilot has been released on bail straw fourteen out come on news time for an update on Tripoli traffic.

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