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I told Carol Burnett is because you know, as you know, my house is kind of a creepy museum to Carol Burnett. Right. So she had to go by all the pictures of her. And I saw. I'm Norma Desmond in your sketch. Norma desmond. Hello, carol. I've just come from upstairs and the monkey funeral. Downstairs past all your pictures. There's a giant photo of Carol Burnett with her two daughters next to her and you're in the photo behind you know, creepy creepy creepy. Listen, I I don't care. What is your vision board? Yes. Didn't work out. But that's okay. That's what I told her. I wanted to be you it didn't work out. All right. But you know, what I'm not intimidated by comedy legends. Right. I mean, I had the chance to ask Darrell Hammond. Did join sexy liberal tour, and he said, yes what right sexy liberal DC September. Twenty second knock 'em Nansen panel. More surprises to come Darrell Hammond joins us now. Good morning comedy legend. Wow. I like to wake up to high lesson. Good morning. Listen, we are so excited. People are so excited. You're gonna come sexy. There be with us. We've been talking about this for years, John. And I and you get to meet now, Malcolm Nance, everyone uses meet meet, Malcolm Nance. Well, I mean, I've watched I haven't one I've watched MSNBC sporadically this year. I always hope to see there's a few commentators. They have that. I hope to see every day, and he's one of them. Compelling speakers..

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