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And so then he flew out and visited my house with coach fish, it's time. Yeah. Put some mini golf, and then I float here three or four days after that. And I just fell in love with the campus and the facilities and committed on the visit would you see when you first saw them on tape, and then obviously going through the process to at the time is December thirty first I got hired and within a couple of days on the job realized that we needed a quarterback. And I started reaching out to all the top quarterbacks that we're in that class sex gentry was one of them and other guys were Sam darnold who was committed. The USC. Also, Ricky town was also committed the USC at the time. So I thought two of those quarterbacks don't both need to go to to USC so talk to both of them and also talked to Tommy Stevens from Indianapolis who ended up going to Penn State. I talked to drew lock, and I talked to Joe boroughs and Zach gentry and Zach ended up having interest. And as a matter of fact the day. Okay. We call them. I think he told us that he was had decommitted from Texas or was just about to. So literally the next day jet fish, and I flew out to Albuquerque met with. Zack in the family play. Putt putt golf. We had. We're going to go to a movie there was a good movie. That was American sniper. Yeah. It was just out. And I'm like, hey champ. We should go. See this this new American sniper movie? And and he wanted to Zach wanted to and you hear it said and seen it either. But the thing was sold out when we sold just get just came out. Zack said, let's go. Gentry and Albuquerque couldn't find a way to get. Didn't want to leverage. We had a nice putt. Putt gone. Competitive nature. Get a guy out on a putt putt. Course, you can see little a competitive nature and the other side of a student athlete in general just to see their personality when you get out there. Other thing we did was we we bolt one time. I remember on your fish. Visit nobody throws a harder. Bowling this yet. One of those four bouncers Downer. It's not about it's a real. It's not about sir has no arc or no curve. It's the straightest ball you've ever seen and the hardest fast. I mean, the pins. He when he hits right? They'd get a strike every. Seven ten years ago. Let me ask you. Let me ask you a question. You know, you come as a quarterback, and you I know how recruiting goes quarterback if you were to state another year, we would have we would have had a tight end pass in for you. We would have gone. Got a while you get that call or one hundred come about that move from quarterback too tight end in in the program here in Michigan. How'd it all come about? And what was the thought process? Well, I mean, I think it just came down to it was just better for my body type. And better for me. Personally. I'm in coach Harbaugh had me run some routes freshman year. I know we had a it was BYU played against BYU freshman year. They had a tall receiver looked exactly like me on film..

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