Unemployment Rate, Labor Department, Iphone discussed on The Dennis Prager Show


Com i'm jennifer kushinka with your money now job openings said another record in july climbing steadily despite the lowest unemployment rate in years the labor department says there were six point one seven million openings in july up from six point one two in june it's the first time openings have top six million for two straight months since the government began keeping track in two thousand hiring was led by companies involved in services such as transportation warehousing reflecting an ongoing shift toward online shopping apple shares are little changed ahead of the highly anticipated iphone eight launched that could put the tech giant closer to becoming a one trillion dollar company the buzzed over the new product launch is reached fever pitch in recent days after a leak over the weekend indicated apple will unveil three new handsets at the event instead of the expected to on wall street the dow industrials up sixty eight at twenty two thousand one twenty and the nasdaq is up nearly seven the sp five hundred is up five and that's you're money net intelligent conservative talk this is nine seventy the answer i grieve strong from the newsroom firefighters battled a large apartment fire overnight in new albany gop at about one a m but the king's fuel departments off green valley road officials say wind helped spread the flames quickly dry fire hydrant hampered their efforts to extinguish the blaze in other news a leaking propane lying was blamed for a house explosion in floyd county yesterday the structure on smith would drive which had been vacant for a few months was reduced to rubble after the explosion and governor matt bevin was at four street live last night to honor first responders this special nine eleven ceremony some four hundred americorps volunteers were sworn in at the event in sports your bells rang number fourteen in the latest eight people just ahead of a showdown this saturday night number three clemson upon john's cardinals stadium.

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