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Gonna gauging you know people's concern level and I you can weigh in a let us know at KP Kate out calm the afternoon news with Kitty o'neill alright it's time for some traffic and weather together so let's do it here's K. because they know where you got a match brought to you by the Sacramento area sewer district and right now if you're all eastbound camp city going from the downtown midtown area that split it's now nineteen minutes split the Roseville is still about twelve minutes on east bound AT and again very heavy traffic coming through the Roseville area on the westbound side Denton L. gross out by five get fifteen minutes ahead of you there and still about thirty minutes on ninety nine it really got heavy and it stayed that way for a while hopefully of start clearing out really soon got a fulsome on eastbound fifty is now about forty two minutes yeah X. also is about fifty at sunrise Boulevard we had a report of a traffic hazard this case somebody walking on the offramp next the lanes that had a woodland northbound I. five eighteen minutes and about twenty minutes to Davis on westbound eighty heavy get the causeway the sewer system is probably the last thing on your mind but at the Sacramento area sewer district it's their first priority yeah the region's largest sewer utility sewer problems column first day or night at nine one six eight seven five sixty seven thirty learn more at Saks sewer dot com traffic on the tens every ten minutes mornings and afternoons data has news ninety three point one K. forget partly cloudy skies tonight with areas of late night fall below tonight forty three to forty seven areas of morning fog tomorrow otherwise intervals of clouds and sunshine with a high tomorrow sixty five to sixty nine patchy low clouds.

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