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It was like earlier that. It might have been in September. Jones pick in the end zone the fourth quarter and he came back and Dave ball just screamed at him for like 45 seconds. And I remember we were laughing about it that night. Like Dave ball, like he's probably gonna try to get Dana Jones killed on these sweeps, but I don't know. He put some chest hair on the dude. The guy's really good now. Well, he's good. First a couple things. First of all, can we talk about the psychology of bedding and our loser friends and what it does to our minds? Like, we saw the Vikings play like horse crap for, you know, one score games, whatever you want to say what they win 13 wins this year. But whatever. We knew what they were going in. But yet everybody was on the giant. You want to know what shied me away from that pick. Everybody. We knew what was on the Giants, right? Everybody. That's one. Number two, yes, you're right. This day bowl thing, you want to see it with Daniel Jones, and they're going to have to pay, right? The Giants have to pay them now. They have 6 weeks ago. You aren't sure. Just in this last month, that's when it really turned the corner. I would say it's the last 6 7 weeks, but I think this is, I mean, Flacco's the ultimate example because he went on one of the great playoff runs and probably the greatest in football history. And ends up just he bet on himself he wins. But it's like a poor man's Flacco. I do think he's going to be a 120 million for four years. By the way, I would pay it. I think he's good. I think he's figured it out. Yeah. It's a rare loss for both of us. Both of us were completely out on like a quarterback evaluation. Right. Where I just feel like after two years, I'm like, I'm either in our mouth. And this is one of the rare cases where it's like, I was completely out. And two months, about two months ago, I was like, this guy's good. I can't deny it anymore. When you bet against him, he's scary. When you bet on him, you have confidence in him. He's good. All right, here's my reservations. One of my reservations. Not for the future. They should sign Danny dimes because everything else is such a crapshoot, whether it's yeah, through the draft, or if you want to take a chance with Derek Carr, which he won't work out in New York anyway, but whatever. Sign him. But as far as for next week, or this game that we saw today, they're going to go up against a better eagles defense. The Vikings had quadrants of the field wide open. Like I couldn't even stand it. Like, that drag route is effective, but should it be wide open every single time, whether it's really just these guys that we've never heard of. And we'll give Dave ball credit, but the jets at 464 yards passing against the Vikings. So I want to put Jesus a little bit in perspective. Thanksgiving night, that was such a brutal patriots loss because it felt like we could move the ball on them up in the field. And we lost that game. It was one of the many terrible pats games,

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