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Didn't initiate in the second half and overtime was just a disaster. And so that was that was obviously a really difficult for him But yeah. I think i also these teams like pretty limited benches jeff green maybe could played more or maybe like they could have gone claxton instead of prompt but the problem was like as the series kind of reached an equilibrium. Without bruce brown. They got nobody to guard chris. Metals and crystals in spain the whole game so we play bruce brown the old game right and now the bucks did get a little bit more judicious with pj tucker part of that was filed trove and also just to take him out towards the end of quarters. They did go with middleton on him. They tried holiday on at the end of the second. And katie just completely cooked your holiday as it's i've always thought it funny that katie said. Oh yeah drew in an interview like drew holiday guards the bus twenty one 'cause Kitty is either like playing possum there or just wrong about who guards in the best because he is always cooked your holiday in the post like holiday just can't do anything about an and that was the case back in that twenty eighteen series with the warriors against the pelicans were he was just letting them up when they had nobody else to guard him other than than drew on that team so that didn't work but they did get. Pj enough a of arrest and nope. Joe's older play the overtime until he found out in very controversial fashion. And maybe they could have at least play pat konitz in twenty three minutes. You know that that really helped even the slightest bit to give the guard something right like and drew got into foul trouble. He got a little bit of a break. Lopez a little bit of a break tucker guy will break so that was you. Know middleton janas basically matched durant and hardened in this one just a couple minutes less. But the i mean those guys did appear to have more energy at the very end then kiddie and hardened i think it was a good point in such an important one to talk about the different responsibilities because i thought that was a part of why the bucks players were so much fresher. And we about you honest. I thought that this was a strong strong performance. Overall from you on this. I thought that he was better. Like he got more aggressive over the course of the game like in the in the first partially i think because some of the jumpers went in he shot each took three of them the first quarter but then really after halftime started making started making hair on the basket. Also brooklyn did something which always drives me crazy with anybody but especially in certain ways with the honest of committing a foul around the basket but not really doing enough to dissuade the shot from happening and so there are a couple of times were and janas in particular because he's such a bad free throw shooter or at least such less confident one that if you give him the end one opportunity it's it's so much more damaging for your team and janas to his credit. He took a lot of those licks and kept on finishing in got some big ones and made some real points yet. You know a lotta guys in his position with this free throw issue would have west out and stopped attacking indiana's to his credit. He never ever stops attack. Yeah like someone who we might face in the eastern conference finals. Yes that is correct But i mean. I thought one thing that was really important. He started to really find The mid ranger. Like i thought he was hitting that pretty well by the end of the series. I think that's something that he should particularly. If he gets guarded by joel embiid potentially in the next series or clint capella for that matter. A that just shooting that mid ranger from the foul line. He looked very confident that shot as opposed to three pointer like taking that shot in rhythm with confidence like going down for look pretty. Good there Now did airball. Two free throws in this game while still going eight for fourteen. I mean it's hilarious like it just. I can't imagine what it must be like especially for him. Who used to actually make us. Free throws right and who. I'm sure makes them in practice all the time to feel this way at the line and that you're letting your teammates down and just how much you must dread going there and just like what what actual thoughts are in your head is your as you're at the following. But at one point he makes six in a row and then he had one of the worst airballs. I've ever seen it was. It was short and right. Yeah look at not just short. It was like to ball shirley it was not even close. Like you knew the moment it left-handed wasn't even going to be the zip code at the rim. But he didn't do a ton defensively in this one. I thought But it was still pushing the ball and transition. Obviously the times that he was able to do that were big and he had a huge hook shot over katie to tie the game in the last minute and a half of overtime had some pretty clutch. Plays down the end was able to finish. And so i thought he played as well as you could reasonably expect him to with this forty points on fifteen twenty four It was a really good game it was it was a game that you cannot and the number of minutes as well know he but now of course it's worth noting the matchup right like we we thought based on the matchup jaanus would be able to have games like this every game and he had a few to be sure but the bucks overall didn't score that well part of that was not hitting some of the open threes in part of that was just too much isolation etc but he did deliver. He did his part in this game. As a great player he played well enough for the bucks. Win was their best offensive player in this one. And the other bucks. Jrue holiday anchor swivels in both starting to for eleven in the first half of both of them just had massive moments at the end but i thought chris middleton defense was pretty massive in this. Yeah i thought he did a nice job. Competing got into passing lanes was was hansie in kind of a good way wasn't committing fouls but was disruptive and yeah. He had just a couple of plays where he just kind of. Showed up out of nowhere to get strips. I think both of them are were uncared. If memory serves as i believe so yeah yeah and there was that.

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