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I'm Jeff Belanger on news radio 700 wlw already Jason their hearts in today. Jason. It's Tim McConnell. He's birthday. Tim McConaughey's birthday. Happy Birthday. What are you talking? How many birthdays every 60 60. I have a note right here. 10 to 60 today. Milestone. How about that? There you go. It's also his anniversary. He and his lovely wife, Linda. Well, you've got one reason to celebrate that think she requested? Do we say happy birthday to 10? That's why I got this note. Right here. There you go. How about that? So happy anniversary and birthday? All How about some traffic? Well, we do have a tractor trailer on its side up in the Monroe area south Beyond the 70 five's ramp from 63. Both directions blocked off so pretty big mess for you there. If you want to cross 63, you can go down Cincinnati Dayton Road, reconnect down at 1 29 if you need to get on South 75, But other than that, you're in pretty good shape. But once you make your way past that North 75 in Kentucky, your typical backup starting just north of Kyle's a few extra minutes into downtown. No such problems on 4 71. Looking good at the Big Mac from the UC Health Traffic Center. You see Health urology provides expert care for urologic cases, including prostate conditions, Visit you see health dot com slash services slash urology for details. Jason Erhard on news Radio 700 wlw Alright, nine First Warning Weather Center. That's where Austin Winfield, the third hangs his hat. Good morning. Good morning. How are you doing? Pretty good. You know, it's Tim McConnell's birthday. That's what I heard. That's a big deal. 60. Do you believe that? Uh, you're going to work right now? Yeah, his anniversary to his wife, Lynn. That's smart, picking the.

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