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These off grade standalone they are solar powered e arc. If i've mentioned before the big of canopy and that you can just pick them up and move them and they have to level two charges which is great. If you're gonna be somewhere for an hour or so you can plug in a nice little charge. The batteries on board as well. It's going in rural areas. The rural parts of california says america. They're going to have complementary charging the new solely unit help combat to the biggest barriers to reveal option access in rural areas and affordability the network in showed that more than half of these charges In and around disadvantaged more low income communities twenty of the thirty are going to be healthcare centers and electrify america identified that kind of educational and health institutions are ideal charging points because of the high amount of traffic an extended hours of access. And finally. today we'll talk about unless it logical. I found on the national grid website. The isn't really breaking news. It's more insight. And i. I like to bring these obstacles just to let your mind. Moldova really is how i think about it and this is interesting because the national grid here. In the uk say that the changeover to electric vehicles coupled with the national rollouts marge's is putting people in the driving seat when it comes to managing energy use. And here's why making the shift to a navy makes energy electric something tangible and it gets interested in finding outs the cheapest times to use the energy real time. Understanding makes us more aware of how to be more energy efficient for example by charging. Ev at night. When you'll energy tariff might get cheaper. It can also promise people to find other ways to clean up the energy usage and the homes solar panels and heat pumps if every business have small mates. What you'd be able to do is measure the amount of energy as a country in real time and three regular small meets a ratings which upload sometimes every few minutes or sometimes not quite as often as that but some of them like my one is well. I've got a few other things as well monitoring music john But it's real time. So it's real time data monitoring at that gives me an accurate understanding of my electricity and gas usage. The transport decarbonization director of national grid in this country is graham cooper and he said the problem with electricity is. You can't see it. Smell it touch it but then you get a bill for it sheets of numbers. You don't really understand an figure that you have to pay for. Probably the most fundamental change in our energy system wherever.

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