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Bridge jiri they in l worst jiri was a governor message uses he decided to create congressional district to ensure that the democrats yes he was a democrat to ensure the democrats without number the federal us for massachusetts his john adams was from massachusetts he wanted to shut down the federal it's so he drew congressional districts one of which look like a sell a manager so the newspapers of the day the federal list leaning newspapers point the term jiri man during after el bridge cherry and us alum andor jiri meandering he was a democrat the democrats are the ones who invented jiri mentoring and no suddenly they think it's this undiscovered told at the republicans came up with in the last ten years to shut up democrats these people have no since of history none not at all no list good chipper don't durable who has a social trampa give up analysis i mean i'm going to talk about of run by are hoping at five forty three of its guy number does not over of that a little bit i don't believe that but i got here on the minute live gordon just about everyone twenty end of look like a crush fired you're just back on the whole party la you're right part of your gold build of one of those byron departed right makes the guard real of don't want twenty grabbed eighty five or whatever by departed getting fire audited redick not a bad deep rather but that's the reviews the all the bulk of the greatest it up break light but you would you buy worked out of the out of the crash just weird and i will never to hated to get johnny that you have a lot of it the minute buddy called group that would've i've lived in doubt four hundred around i've twenty all the opportunity that loop installed out of howard due to biting doubt for four hundred seventy eight thank you very much becomes.

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