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We have to phillies shows by the way here's my question i hate thomas ravanell with a burning passion i think he's a narcissist and associate bath i think he's using ashley as a torture device with catherine and i can't watch it usually enjoy watching the crazier properties i mean vicky gumbleton is also delusional but she's good tv has there ever been or is there now a bravo personality you just couldn't watch kim's all for me well kim societas a monster but she's usually been fun to watch she's she's she's she's just crossed the line jumped her own only say she jumped her shark she just jumped her lips to jump the dolphin no actually i have to say some of the ones who have made me the most furious i would be upset if they left the shows like tamra barney makes me she makes my blood boil she's like to make it that type of person who's just mean to just yeah but i like watching for though they yeah that's what i mean like i want her to stay on the show not to make an associate an asshole but tamra like i don't know there's something about her like i'm glad she's on the show but she's made my blood boil kyle used to really make my blood boil from beverly hills yeah she's really stopped doing much on the show so she doesn't bug me as much but no there's no one i really won't watch there have been actual so's full of people that i can't stand and this is turning into one of them to be honest but no i mean you just you just deal with it you know.

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