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Up with here so i wanna get more stable with the overall architecture so that we can confidently tell folks. Hey the doors are open welcomed at bridgetown. Let's get this party. Started a tagline so that leads me into my next question jared. How can listener support bridgetown. Probably the first thing you can do is just simply go the bridgetown website which is Bridgetown rb dot com and we have links to really fun discord chat room. You're welcome to join there and ask questions or submit ideas or just generally hang out. And then also i'm on the get hub sponsorships programs so you're welcome to sponsor me literally like every single person that is a sponsor of the bridgetown project and of me. You know it's just it's amazing like i don't take any of it for granted. It's just awesome. That i actually get to do some open source work here and people appreciate that and that's awesome so that's another way to support the project and then the last play. Is you know if you build something with bridgetown weed left to hear about it lease get the word out so we can help you get the word out so outside of bridgetown are there other back. End frameworks beside rails. Even keeping a close eye on. Yeah there've been so many. Good ruby frameworks for web development. And i always feel a little bad when i look at different ones and start to play around a bit and then think i just wanna go back to rails because i do believe in a rising tide floats all boats. It's good to have different projects in different things going on contributing to the ecosystem. However i think i finally found something. I'm kinda falling in love with and that's rhoda was initially created by jeremy evans. Who's been in the ruby community for a long time. I think he's actually one of the core team contributors to ruby. And it's a really interesting take on how you'd structure a web app It's it's based on this idea that you kind of have this tree of routes and instead of the sort of invention idea you might have with rails or even sinatra where it's like okay here's a route and then do something of that and here's another route. Then do something with that instead. It's like you kind of start with essentially slash right. It's like the root of your website and within a block. That handles that you know you might have more blocks. To handle whatever's next on the trees there might be several options there and then within each of those sub tree portions. You might have yet more blocks a handle part of that tree so know kind of in this potentially single file your literally building a tree of logic for your site and for really large applications. That might seem bananas but for maybe a simple. Api that static site might connect to the wheelhouse. I'm i'm definitely in here. It's really appealing. So i'm experimenting with that and that's been really fun ball. I definitely gonna have to have jeremy on the podcasts as well so connor recommended you. I'm just going to keep the chain alive. I'd love to hear a rota themes podcast. That sounds awesome. all right. it's on it's on the list. So jared i know you are a self professed nerd and i know you love the marvel cinematic universe for the listeners who might have not dived into it yet. What do you recommend as the must watch movie or series doctor. Strange i love benedict cumberbatch. So i will second that yeah. It doesn't always come up as someone's favourite movie or even top five everyone's always ranking and making lists so. I don't always see doctor strange float up to the top again kind of a funny thing. I didn't grow up reading comics. I wasn't into the you know the comic book scene but my dad had been in his teenage years. So i kind of heard these like second hand stories of like the comics. He loved most to when he was reading them back in the day and doctor strange one of his favorite characters. So he tell me all about you know these wild stories of like alternate dimensions and mystical arts. And all this kind of stuff. It sounded really cool as somebody. Who's like what kind of comic would. I wanna read about. That definitely sounded appealing. Asai went into the movie with kind of high hopes that it would be as just wild. And mind-bending is the you know the comics seemingly had been and i got all of that so yeah i love doctor. Strange i'm super excited about the sequel. The most i really enjoying low key so far. That's i think that might be my favorite of the new disney series. I think the character of low key and just the whole premise of it is awesome and then have to check that out. I washed wanda vision. But i haven't gotten into loc- yet. So i'm almost waiting for a couple of episodes. Be out so that way. I can bench it. Oh yeah it's hard to wait week from week. Oh my gosh yeah way. Too much energy is being expended on thinking about what what's going to be in the next episode where the story's going know. I find myself watching. Videos of people speculating about what's coming but it's fun. It's fun it is fun. So jared what are your thoughts on the future of the ruby and ruby on rails communities. I think the community is really healthy. And i might not have said that a few years ago i think a lot of people kind of have this angst around. I mean it's a meam at this. Point is ruby dead or israelis dead and i distinctly remember even a number of years ago now but before angular kinda rewritten so in the initial like angular days. I had people basically telling me like you're gonna have to learn angular j. ass and that's where all the energy is now. In the era of react being dominant does seem funny. But i think there was a real concern and that concern. Canada drove people to make various decisions on some teams in various projects and whatnot. And it really feels like that's turning around and you know maybe it's anecdotal maybe it's just hearsay. I don't know it feels like a lot of people who have kind of stuck around in the ruby community or rails in particular. Feel much more confident to say like you know. This is the choice we've made and it's working and we're excited about it and then there's like a whole lot of new people coming into the community. Just you know with my little bit of presence on twitter lately talking about ruby. I chat with folks who are learning ruby or maybe picked up a little bit of a few years ago and then kinda got sidetracked with other things are coming back to it now so i think it's good you know there's always more to do. There's always places to go with how we talk about. What's beneficial about learning ruby. Perhaps for the first time in a number of years it really does feel like the community is growing and is a great place to be. I totally agree. So how can listeners follow. You can follow me on twitter. And on get hub at jared see white and i also have a website. Jared white dot com on my serve. Professional web studio website is white fusion dot studio fantastic. Jared thank you so much for coming onto the show. I so admire all the work that you're doing on bridgetown and i am just so excited for the work that you're putting in there and introducing new community members through it and we'll be excited to have you on when it hits one dotto i appreciate that. Yeah thanks you've been listening to the ruby on rails podcast. Follow us on apple podcast. Google play or wherever fine. Podcasts are downloaded to stay in the loop on ruby on rails and open source software. While you're at it please leave us a review and thank you for listening..

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