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The metal right and one of the pundits and i don't know if it was phil neville talked about it yesterday and he said you got to midfielders in lynn guard in delhi l e that don't wanna work the ball up the way mode rich too well they take it and they slowly and methodically they kind of work it and they pace the game that they wanna pace the game at he goes up those guys want to be at the end boss yeah they want people to do the work and then the final passed goes to them and then they go in and try to make something happen by themselves he goes you need guys that are willing to be the conduit between the defense and your striker sure and your forward players he says that was that's what was disappointing in yesterday's game they told us susan new way there's going to be a new way and yet they didn't do it and they didn't go through jordan henderson who's all their deep lying midfielder the game with them playing exactly yeah they did not build the play the way they thought they were going to be able to build the play and they had to rely on the long ball and at the end of the day what did you see them heading the ball back to the goaltender or the ball going all the way back to the goaltender and he played it it's just a it's to me it's a ten ninety way of playing a ten percent chance of being successful but nine out of ten balls are being converted over the other team and it's it's it's not the modern way of playing football yeah for your a couple of years ago when the chicago fire got a new head coach i asked him i said you know i just want to ask you i never understood i sat didn't play the game i never understood goal kicks lucky baby i said i never understood goal kicks because i've goal kicks your your goal keeper is taken the ball and he's kicking it to the other team a lot of fifty ball right yeah why don't you just bring the ball out i mean you know everybody else is facing the keeper so the odds are you're gonna lose the ball so you gotta go for the second for the second ball why don't you just bring the ball up your give it to the defender who gives it to the midfield and move it up that way you're taking matriculate you're just taking the fifty fifty chance at midfield to have it sort of in the attacking closer to the attacking third i guess it's just a chance you're giving the ball away most of the time and he said i completely agree with you the problem is you've gotta have back line guys you gotta have defenders that you trust with the ball the ball at their feet and you gotta have guys in the midfield defence midfield who you trust getting the ball up to the to the attack the french you've got a guy contact that played for last couple of years now plays for chelsea he's their deep lying midfielder that plays defense watch the ground guide covers i think he's number seven for them thirteen visit thirteen now for the french yeah i think he said oh seven for chelsea yeah i'm rosie got a new coach you're right thirteen coach antonio cantonese right hundred percent correct do you do that you're starting your certain training today how do you fight going out idea i design after three three champions league finals yeah he's a special player for the french pablo is their offensive midfielder the guys about six five yeah i mean physically skilled plays for manchester with the national team as opposed to what he does for man man right right right because you know they're all trying to figure out what marina watch enron front three kid on all of these routes rude yeah antoine greece men and then babe's amazing nineteen nineteen years old he's he is so fast with the ballots ridiculous you're i was saying i know it's something you've gone through probably for a long time you look at all these other countries to play soccer and their best athletes play that game here the best athletes play football the best athletes play basketball the best athletes baseball and then maybe fourth or fifth they committed and play soccer can you even imagine what would happen if this country if the best athletes in this country for the next three years decided we're going to play soccer instead of any of these other sports.

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