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You're listening to Jason. A curious about canvas podcast. Thanks so much for tuning in once again at today. I'm really really stoked. I am joined with one of my early guests and friends that was able to talk to you. At the earned the early days of the podcast angus from the real seat company. Thanks so much for being willing to come back on. We've got some exciting stuff to talk about It's great to be. Yes exciting paper this so yeah looking forward to yes so what? We're going to be talking about today. Relates to our first conversation that we had Which is all about Why first conversation went in a lot of directions but Talking about cannabis taxonomy. So there's a paper that came out just this year By John mcpartlin and earn a small. Both of whom we talked about in our first conversation and specifically this relates to Landrace varieties of cannabis and Talks about the importance of preserving those genetic so This is really come around full circle. And I'll go ahead and prepare people say that between the actual paper and the supplemental material. There's about one hundred fifty pages worth of material the centrally a book but Angus. What before we get into the nitty gritty details of what was present here and My thoughts in your thoughts and kind of how it meshes with your experience in the field. what were your initial impressions upon reading this paper? Safari taxonomy goes. My instincts is always being to defer to the experts as far as I can see on a small Israeli the taxonomic to defer to. He's some specializes in an all kinds of different places. But he's been publishing about it since the early seventies legislation is based on his work So I was fascinated to see that he has come round to the view that the two main domestic domestic the to the tweet. Sort of Genesis who've sub-species Indika now do merit formal recognition this As varieties in a stricter botanical sense. And you know they. They've done between mcparland more done the work to justify that clearly. They've been looking at Harry collections. All around the world it seems and I think they say about one thousand one hundred different accessions. They've they've looked at and yet clearly satisfied that this is justified. And this is more than just sort of pedantic exercises actually quite important to get people to stop taking conservation of these plant seriously if you look on the genesys database. I think there are about one thousand four hundred accessions of that kind of a sativa. The species in NJ banks around the world but out of those as I forget the exact number but it's a piddling amount this full role. Something accessions of sub-species indicator. I mean it's ridiculous five. I'm sorry five right. Yeah so this is a serious situation. I mean this is an incredibly important plants. And it's it's it's a. I think they actually understate how critically endangered it has mostly what they talk about sort of anecdotal examples of people. Introducing Hyper Non Chino hybrid most of the examples. They gave a from the and eighties so an mostly Simpson folk people bringing. They talk about one guy. I forget his name. Who is who says some Mexican seats to Afghanistan in the in the early seventies and then they they mentioned that I think Chanaka someone talks about bringing them Afghan landrace in the pool in the eighties but I don't talk about. This is the whole seed industry with the online online seat industry. And if you look at the the shipping lists of your average dot show seed company. It would make for horrifying reading. I mean the the the online sort of Internet commerce is just arriving in places like India and Southeast Asia So I I I mean. I'm just like some huge business park to the type of in Hyderabad India. I think so there will get up for on on coming to India so in the next couple of years. God knows what's going to happen. I mean it's it's something you already started people shipping hybrid seats into India and places. But I mean we're we're looking at a time and it's Yeah it's a serious situation so this part of getting people to take it seriously. I think it's quite important parts of it to persuade. Some people like the Millennium Seed Bank. And so and so you've got one one accession of Cannabis. I think it's Yeah

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