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On Cayenne T. Did you know that there is a new victim of identity theft, every two seconds? It means a criminal could be spending your money applying for loans in your name, and even damaging your good credit over you even know it as a good thing. There's lifelock identity theft protection. Lifelock uses proprietary technology to detect and alert you to a wide range of identity threats like your social security number for sale on the dark web. And if you do have an issue involving identity theft. Lifelock's identity restoration specialists is going to work with you to fix it. Now, no one can prevent all identity theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses. But with lifelock you get identity theft protection and additional features to help. Protect your devices against cyber threats for as low as nine ninety nine a month. Go to lifelock dot com or call eight hundred four forty forty eight thirty three use the promo code rush for ten percent off your first year, lifelock dot com and don't forget the name rush as the promo code for. Ten percent off your first year. When was the last time, you watched your home movies? If you're like most there's a box in your closet of videotapes, film, reels and photos at don't get watched worse. They're degrading. Hi, I'm Nick, I'm Adam ten years ago. We started legacybox. Help families convert their aging media to digital. Here's how it works filled legacy box with your camcorder tapes, film, reels and photos, we've professionally digitize and send them back on DVD's. Thumb drives or the cloud ready to watch and share legacy box is the world's largest most trusted home movie and photo digitize over four hundred fifty thousand families have used legacy box. And we've been featured on good Morning America. Rachel Ray and the today show dust off those recorded moments and preserve your family's history. So it can be easily passed down for generations, experienced peace of mind and enjoy reliving the glory days or your legacy box today. Visit legacybox dot com slash brush. And for a limited time get forty percents off your order. That's legacybox dot com slash rush. For forty percent off legacy..

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