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Come on now. You know better than another. That's alright. Um, Speaking of Jake Matthews, let's hear from the Falcons left tackle and of what he had to say. Cor, scrimmage final scrimmaging the books yesterday afternoon. Where's Jake? Now? He's talking about playing next to Matt Hennessy I've noticed is he's grown so much now he's he's making calls, and he's more confident. And, um, that's been really impressive to see and he's got a ton of town. That's obvious. So, um just to continue to get more reps of them and, you know, build his confidence in the offense and what he's doing, I think is a really good player, so he's been very impressive Watch, bro and improved. This is a build here format. Hennessy. This is not this truthfully to me. Barring injury and I'm talking about separate of injury. Okay? I'm not saying that that somebody gets injured and then he you know, he goes from there. I'm talkingabout the fact of it. Barring injury. This is a learned year for Hennessey. He's not taking over for Alex back its center. I agreed to let I don't think there's a reason why you start him at left guard. No reason to throw him out there. I know Carpenter didn't have a good year last year, but at the same time You gotta let the veteran start No. No camp. No, You gotta let a guy who's a veteran. You can't run the risk of putting a guy like Hennessy out there that's barely had a chance to do much of anything. In an off season. No preseason games. Limited camp on Lee Kick Ass virtual, OT a CZ. You can't try them out there. I mean, with all due respect, it's not like he was the third pick in there. You know, this is not like he's the third pick of the draft. Okay? Not not like they drafted. You know, the next thumb didn't draft that guy. Okay? No, that dude in Indianapolis. We don't even have to say his name. Just say that food in Indianapolis and everybody knows who we're talking about. The guy that when you drafted in one of her fifth overall, he was already the best guard in the NFL. You had taken a snap. It was over the best guard in the NFL. My favorite thing about that guy is the story about one of the college football writers. Was walking over to a bunch of player personnel guys. For some NFL teams. It was like about six or eight player personnel guys. Jarvis for the NFL teams at the combine in Indianapolis. And won. The college football writers was walking over there. And it was on linemen day and they were laughing and kind of chuckled and stuff like death, and he was just kind of wondering what they were laughing and chuckling about. And they were all talking about. They put that boots tape on, and it was hilarious to watch him. Just motor through everybody. That he was so dominant on tape that they were just kind of laughing about how good this guy is just kind of laughing about how ridiculous his tape looked with how good he is. And here he is the best guard. So then so in a 6000 words, soliloquy. Didn't draft that guy. So you get him ready for next year because he's going to be your center. And if that's weight training, all the different things that go into it, But you get him ready. I don't expect to see him play that much. He doesn't need to play that much. Get him ready for next year. Maybe some blow out situations you put him in. You know, some low leverage things, but that's about it. All right. Here's Jake Nafis talking about what it will take for this offense to be great. We don't shoot ourselves in the foot are haven't necessary. Penalties and stuff were really good offense and hard to be. And I think we've already kind of said the emphasis of this. Like I said this week of staying on track and sticking to the plan, and when we do that, we have a lot of success. Well, listen, it starts with the offensive line first and foremost. If the offensive line isn't better than last year, it doesn't matter how many pieces they have around it. It won't matter. All the rest of those pieces won't be enough to overcome a bad offensive line, and that includes the running game as well. Do I think that Todd Gurley on his own can be more productive in the run game behind a battle offensive line. That Devon Paye Freeman? Yes. But that doesn't mean that they can have a successful running game if they can't block up front. And if they can't take pressure off, man we've talked about, you know, they gave up one of the highest rates of, you know, pressures in the NFL, Almost 40% of Matt snaps. Were under duress. Think about that almost 40% of the time that he drops back, he's under duress. It's tough to live life is a quarterback in that kind of role. So there's no question that talent wise on paper. Hey, on paper, no question. They could be a good offensive line and they have talent and certainly a great offense that good, great offense. But if they're not better on the offensive line because of health because of progression. You know, whatever you want to use whatever the reason is, If they're not better, they're it's gonna be a long year for this offense. Here's Jake Matthews, talking about dealing with no fans in the stands for the season, got to change the way you call everything and how you do things in the line makes it order and, you know, I don't know exactly how it's going to be this year. It's uh, definitely an interesting situation, but we just got to figure it out..

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