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Sports at 15 and 45 on WTO P 7 45 now in time for Dave Johnson Well we can add TPC 7107 yards actually We didn't count but they told me that That's over 6 miles can cover a lot but you can't cover it all right So best place to watch the Wells Fargo championship which just got in the way this morning Gary Silva is the tournament director On the front side I would say 8 and 9 behind 8 you can watch 8 which is a tough par four and then the downhill par three 9th on the backside You can stand on the right side of 17 and you can see 16 green a downhill par three 17th and then you can observe 18 as well All right go ahead and plant your lawn chair and those places now no doubt a big crowd will be following Rory McIlroy he cheated off this morning at 7 34 and also Howard golfer is such a cool story Gary Odom junior is sponsored exemption more on him in the next half hour but he will be teeing off this afternoon Hey did you notice in hockey It's not just playoff time but it's TJ oshie time capital head coach Peter levy Just with his offense with his defense with his puck battles and his tenacity His time of the year Yeah by the way scored the game when you go the other night Now game two tonight Tom Wilson will be a game time decision with a lower body injury Hurricanes one of the bruins last night the lightning even their series of the Maple Leafs the wild and oilers also winners That air in Denver nationals manager Davey Martinez Yeah you always want to try to get the ball up in the air here but today we are into a bunch of ground balls and a bunch of dull plays Yeah four double plays of 5 two loss of rockies Patrick Corbin a complete game loss He pitched well The oil is a big the twins last night NBA playoffs heat over the sixers and the sun's top the Mavericks Women's soccer the Washington spirit now into the final of the challenge cup and the Seattle sounders beat pumas of Mexico three zero to win the Concacaf Champions League It is a big deal because they go to the Club World Cup Dave Johnson WTO.

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