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I really like lock Ed buck in love him. And so I think I pick Laka you Laka lock at stick around or go to stay sorry. So I picked like I said this day a bomb young to go. He's at problems at other clubs. I mean the guy discourse shit ton. He's also also kind of old. Yeah. Yeah. He's yeah. He's old. He's also goofball. He does all of this mass shit, which is cool like the Black Panther will Kanda forever. Fuck yet, kind of cool. But at the same time like lock it doesn't do that. He's just like just some cool, dances and stuff. Sometimes I look at. I think I'd keep him over a bomb. Young even though a bomb young. We'll end up probably more goals, and I'm okay with that. I am I agree because I don't have any. I'm a neutral here. I don't hate or love arsenal. But I I just liked log is at more than unlike a bomb Yang. I think he's a more talented striker doesn't rely just on his positioning and speed. No. Yeah. I totally sorry. I was staring at the next question. I didn't really I'm I'm gonna asshole. I'm sorry asshole. I asked whole okay, we're going to wrap this up because about the piss myself as well. Discount me from our discord channel make sure to join it. It's a bunch of other dudes hanging out talking about soccer Premier League. Whatever there's memes, there's transfer talk. There's a gaming talk beer talk all sorts of shit. Question comes from your boy garf-, I'll point this to you Martin. How do you guys feel about Manchester? United looking for a technical director under sir. Alex, ferguson. I did not like it under this new direction. The club is taking I support it, especially if it is one of the two people that Manchester United have identified Peter's, Mike Wynne, Edwin van Sar where both club legends both goalkeepers and. Van disorders is currently working at Asia as that technical footballing director. So I I would be okay with it. If it is the right person, just like socor knows what is right in terms of the Manchester United way, the attitude, etc. That's right. I need a technical director. Who knows that man? Just nodded way. Cannot and must not be a businessman like God. Damn Ed Woodward, hashtag fuck you, man. It has to be someone who is involved in Manchester United history, and obviously a ex soccer player or coach. That's that's literally my only criteria. That's it. I'm, but I'm I'm bored with idea cool. I think I don't have anything to add next question. Cons five four one. This'll be our last question. Make sure to check our discord channel he says, it's cool that arsenal isn't sucking his bed. I know. Right. But how does it, but how much does it suck? That Ramsey has been so important in recent wins. Do you Ramsey is just shoving it in our fucking face. He's doing so. Well, and he just wants to you know, it's like a girl gets real fit before like they break up with you. And it's like this is what you're going to be missing out on. It's like buck. You're right. But then again, I feel like event is going to get plagued by injuries. You know, they actually paid a ton of money like people forget like they're actually paying shit on money for him. So yeah. For wages and shit. Nobody does that. No. There's like. Wow. Free transfers like they don't it's like what happened with like a line that man you remember? He was like, oh, yeah. Free transfer. But he like he had a ridiculous wage even Alexi like, yeah. Mickley mention I got them for free kind of and then paid him two hundred and fifty thousand dollars a week..

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