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Shot that one was blocked going down to block. It matheson. The tries to pick himself up. He does pulled away by Mathison and his pass is returned to him. Coming left wing side dumping it in the Nashville zone. Eight forty remains in the third period. Predators trail by one. They were down three entering the third. Ramal de tried to get it out sceviour held it in McCann. What's it behind the Nashville goal Horlock is there as well? Our off to his right here sceviour feet in front and a score on tap in there for McCann. Panthers. Go back up by two here at eleven thirty eight. Pretty good cycle there sceviour not looking to shoot citizens takes away the shot lane. So he just throws it on the back side of the net. Hoping for something good. Just to drive to the net. Really nothing special about it. Mccandless? I'm not sure what that went off. It is his stick. You just gotta stick and powered through it off the back in. Mike you said pretty easy, slam dunk on the backside. Let's play by sceviour to come out of the corner and recognize there's no shot there. Look for another option. Found it. Panthers. Now lead four to quieting down this crowd. A bit though, still eight eleven to go in the period. X lads pass up for Dadan off shifted out to center Veneto comes back at a bar, cough came back out across the line and the Panthers hustle back. Toronto comes out on his back and to the right wing Lipsett low in the Nashville zone icing against Florida seven fifty three remaining in the third four to Panthers. That's a that's a tough blow to take that fourth goal. Had.

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