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So like the goal was for me. Like, I didn't I wasn't all that important in her cammo wouldn't like important piece of her camp. But I said you gotta be able to hit her. That's the key. If you can't hit it in, obviously, I know it sounds like, you know, the obvious should really it's like you gotta be able to when you throw shots. You gotta just touch her. Gotta be accurate, and she was and she so aggressive cyborg. It's to the point of being practically predictable. It's almost like you end. Eventually Silva is not like he's going to get on his bicycle was getting away from me. He's usually gonna book and come out, you'll Tasmanian harder. That's what she does. And. I liked how Amanda brought a Br brought that up when afterwards when we talked to her how she knew if she tagged her get ready for to come forward, and then or some more and she did look easing. I think it meant is that she didn't get hurt. But it looked like cyborgs stunner wants to look like there was a time. I remember it was a right or left. But it looked like she did kind of hurt her really on. She hit her. You know, she hit her like they both at each other almost like at the same time and Amanda recovered quicker. She got back on her. She got her legs onto her quicker. And that's one of the things she decided to go. You know what let's do this. Let's stand toe to toe, and that's the prize to me. Well, a man I meant a new cyborg is going to bring as far as strength. Maybe maybe suburb. Underestimated amend is power. She had to she had. I mean, why wouldn't you when you think an odor coming up from wait, you know, and you know, cyborgs never been like I said she barely gets hit. And when she does get hit. It's never clean. Why would you why would you twenty straight wins? Why would you expect that we don't know now? Yes, she won't she will know now. But she does she had Halle Berry in the audience whenever you have a celebrity. And there if I have a guy or woman, I'm trying to date comes in and watch it before my who who was highly. Therefore, I think she was ever sidewalk. She's she's got a movie coming out to she was training at cyborgs, GMC sheep. Don King switcheroo came with a mandate. That's what to me. I mean. I could be wrong. All listen. I respect that. Because that's the that's the exact reason. I don't go to Jimmy sets because I'll have a celebrity friend in the audience. Yeah. And he'll be like, I don't wanna make you nervous batching you. Yeah. He holds me in that high regard. I know he worked with calls him. Bobby deniro? Yeah. But listen, I would think. I don't wanna make him feel like he's gonna let me down for Joel bomb i-it's virtual well. Well, we'll try I went and supported him because he's my friend Jimmy. But in other words, he's not going to get nervous with you in the really that would never follow. But. You know, what it really pains me to give you a compliment. But I'm going to do it. I was watching. Now, I seen you on on on Rogan's podcast, which was good. That's great. That's fun. You know, like both you guys. Oh, yeah. So that's why buddies. Yeah. You know, and I I skip through till here my name, and I listened to that. And then I, you know, I'm sure the rest of it was good. Thanks. Early. That's not me had to come up early. But listen you were talking about your online, you're BJ online site. Was it an apt in the cat is a website here. Now, I was ready to shit on it. Because listen now, this is a compliment..

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