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Welcome back. A new vital chapter of American history is being written right now as we speak and joining us to talk about. It is Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace. Who's also taking a look back at another historic era in his new book countdown nineteen forty. How you doing Kristin welcome back. Well, I'm doing great and I'm delighted to be with all of you. I've been listening to the first half hour, and as I during the break because I told sunny I learned more about de-fund police in her explanation of the top of the show that I've learned in the last two weeks. It's kind of amazing and you've been a reporter. For fifty years, I went with everything. You're seeing happening across the country. Are you hopeful that a change is coming. That will be beneficial to the whole nation. When you're talking about race relations and police I hope there's Change I. Hope that there's reform and improvement, but I can't say I'm especially. Hope fold that it's going to happen. Whoopie you when I guess roughly the same age. You know you remember one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty eight. You Remember Rodney, King you remember. Michael Brown, and Ferguson you remember Eric. Garner in New York City, and they all have a similar pattern, which is that there is a case of undue violence. There are protests, and sometimes they devolve into into riots. There calls for reform and. We are what we are enjoyed. Floyd died. So you know are? You. Hope that this time it's going to be different, but I have to say I'm not sure I'd bet on it. Sunny well. Trump is trump is positioning himself as a law and order president, but these movements that we are seeing. In the streets protesting law enforcement as we know it, he's also reigniting the fight now over taking a knee in silent protest during the national anthem. Is this in your view, the right tone for the president to be taking in this moment. Well I'm not gonNA talk about it and turns a right or wrong I. Mean you know the President has his base and he has his beliefs and he's entitled to them. Let me, talk about it in terms of politics and I would say that the last week it was a very bad week for the president in terms of politics in terms of his potential re-election prospects I. Mean when you're getting called out by the PISCOPO Bishop of Washington and the Archbishop of the Catholic Church of Washington when you're getting called out. Excuse me by everybody from Jim Mattis to former chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mike Mullen. And, even your own current secretary of Defense Mike for Breaks with you. That's not a good week. He had some good news on the economy, but clearly and you see there's a new poll and The Washington Post today that indicates by an almost two to one margin. People don't think the president has handled the last week properly. and His approval ratings and a standing in the balls drop so. You can argue as to whether he's right or wrong, but in politically I think it's been a bad week. Chris Fox News is the most watched cable news outlet in the country, nearly seventy percent of congressional districts yet some Democrats have refused appear on the network, and the DNC barred Fox from hosting in democratic. Primary debate was actually surprised to hear. Candidates say that they wouldn't come on. During the election I thought it was a completely missed opportunity on. Why should Democrats do more to reach out to the Fox News viewer? Wow, I like that question well. It's the same reason that it's the same reason. ERECTS, and Willie Sutton gave for robbing banks. That's where the money is There are as you say it's the top news network. It's the basic cable network. We beat TNT and ESPN and it isn't. You know despite what some people might think. It isn't all just right wing Republicans. There's a very large percentage that are independence that are conservative Democrats. and. Anybody is going to need the Fox. Vote whether you're Republican or Democrat to win the election we saw what happened. When the Democrats ignored an awful lot of Fox viewers or the constituency they stand for in two thousand sixteen. It's interesting. The candidates who appeared on Fox and the candidates who didn't appear on Fox. Bernie, Sanders appeared. Buddha judge appeared. An awful lot of the ones who went by the wayside like Cory Booker and Kamala, Harris and Elizabeth Warren refused to appear on Fox I'm not saying that. That's why they lost, but boycotting sure and help. Okay well, there are plenty of Republicans who won't appear on MSNBC would burst both ways, isn't it? But that's not my question my question is this. You spent six years in the White House press corps during the Reagan administration, and we've seen the press secretary to berate journalists on on the types of questions. They should be asking name calling from trump. He's called the press which you are part of the enemy of the people. What do you think of that Sarah? How do you feel as a member of the president of the American people of the people? I think it's it's awful I. Think it's one of the most as I've said. This is not the first time I've said it, but I'll say it again, too. I think this president is involved in a most concerted campaign against the media in history now I said that in a speech and somebody wrote me, and said well wait a minute. What about John Adams Sedition Act eighteen hundred and I said you know what I stand corrected. John Adams was involved in the most. Concerted campaign. Against the Media Donald Trump was number two having said that I do want to say this that I think that some of the media has gone too far in response you talk about those White House briefings, I'm not very happy about him for from either side, I think that it's much too contentious on the part of Keighley, mcenaney, the press secretary and I, had much to contentious on the part of the lot of the White House. House reporters you know I. was there covering Reagan with Sam Donaldson and Leslie Stall? We didn't go easy, but we were basically trying to get information and I think the White House. Press Secretary is at the time under Reagan. Basically we're trying to dispense information. Now it seems to have become kind of a food, fight or ritualized performance where the the press secretary is trying to play Gotcha with reporters and the reporters are trying to play Gotcha. With the press secretary and I don't think the American people that served very well by either side. Right now. And you know what question but it. So because we got you say I was making a whole thing there about you got you and we're keeping you because we want you to stay.

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