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That is a good. I love it. I really like it. And i absolutely agree. I think every time and opportunity has gone side with is always used to be something else bigger and better. Had 'cause i love using simple and this is Is there anything any other. Juicy hips cheeks decided. Okay i'll give you one more. I know i have. I have a three o'clock to someone have to get off almost. Yeah okay raum. Another juicy tip is really. Take time for yourself. I i really do believe you need to have boundaries as an entrepreneur as as the parent of course so. I've gotten very strict with the way i plan my day Obviously a process to get to that place. Well but make sure you have put boundaries around time and i know a lot of us will burn the midnight oil. They'll stay up late at night to finish things once in a while. That's fine but you know the sleep. It's been a help with your creativity. And i really do truly believed that. Entrepreneurship is a marriage between creativity and science. So if you're not creative you will not be able to come up with good solutions when you hit obstacles and if you're not scientific when it comes to looking at the numbers and calculating what's working and you know making those great Educated guesses if you can't do those things because you're not eating while you're not sleeping. Well you know exercising. Then you're gonna burn out and your business gonna fail so you are the number one driver. You're the pilot of that of that. Aircraft the what of captain of the ship and if you fall asleep at the wheel and you're you're gonna crash. Oh that's that's another success. I'm really i sleep well eat well. I used to exercise well before covid. I have no excuse. I should be exercising. So we're still in lockdown. So i don't know how airland is right now but then candidate we're still in a little bit of a lockdown so yes you are okay. So aren't pandemic. Yeah i know. But i absolutely i think you are. You are the captain of the ship and really. If you don't know if you if you fall down you know unconscious than she was just going to go from shipwreck crusher. Ever wherever as it's going to go. And i think enterpreneurs we forget that we did driver. We forget that we are so busy trying to create. That is another really really good team. They own personal development. That is if you look after yourself. You really can't look after anything else or anyone else. Even your teammates. So i'm i'm. I'm glad you sure that it's something that comes up over and over and over why it doesn't go away it's just just because you've heard it it doesn't mean it's real it's real yeah and as enterpreneurs we have this mindset very thinking. Okay so i know that that means it. No visit disciplined knowing and doing as well. So i want to thank you so much for this wonderful interview. I actually quite excited. That had this opportunity. And i'm sure audience enterpreneurs audience have gotten a lot of tips tricks. Value that they can act upon so that are able to bootstrap their businesses in become. You know these obstacles so thank you so much for sharing these insider stuff and it's just it's been great fun for meets been great for and i hope for you. It was weird was too. I left at thank you so much. It was his pleasure. And i really enjoyed meeting you and speaking to your chair listeners. Also was some but before we go. Can you tell us just one little thing where can enterpreneurs no learning more about you and find out what you're doing this great young definitely i is. I hear noises in the background. Can you hear any other country. Okay good so you guys can check out the boss it podcasts. We do have a podcast. They searched faucet podcasts. Or even just sophia. It should come up. Sofia said or sophian arena. Should come up We're on odd. Ron instagram as well so again if they search boss it club on instagram. We have a a good following there. We also have our page. Which i keep referring to the community is at is also under score sophea. And i don't know her but if you can hyperlinked in the show notes that would be great for the small some oil absolutely. I have your website here which is also dot com directing a lotta politics they and that being There's a there's a lot of lessons learned and a lot of value to be gained from connecting all the other news So that know you're not in this alone bright. You're not doing this a long these days all these other people who have done some things that you want to do to learn connect. You can always partner up in advance forward. It's hard to grow in. You're by yourself but it's easier to grow any of mentors when you have your friends and family support from all over and over other different. Look i could go on forever. But i want you fear narine for sharing with us all your experience. Expertise and secret strategies for what's shopping in rolling accompanying balancing life work personal development and family. That was a very very pleasant experience. And i want to thank you all their virtual into newest for joining us on this episode missing presentation. Severe narine that we got tariq's types and tools bootstrapping a business coming obstacles and i hope you will get must've results from these tips cheeks and secrets as always. I'm herbert innocent. And thank you for joining us on this episode of the richard burner. And they'll took. I want to invite you to go and check out to feel marines website which is also severe at www dot also fear dot com today. So you can let him more but an arena and aside from that. Thank you for tuning in to talk to you on our next episode of the virtual entrepreneur. Have a wonderful day i..

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