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They are starting to see petroleum being passed to the country three ship to ship transfers to a greater scale. They are finding ways of money gene to get around that. I'm petroleum is a particularly important one because that's what fuels their nuclear program. And there is also concern about Russian companies, scores of Russian companies, they believe are currently involved in doing business with North Korea and they say, but. Is a real problem. And if you listen to Mike Pompeo speech today, the US secretary of state was sending a message to North Korea? Yes. But actually a lot of the message was to Russia saying, you need to fall into line. You should be putting pressure on. You should be ensuring that sanctions are in place, Chris Buckler in Washington. The dissident artist, I way way says the Chinese authorities have begun demolishing his studio in Beijing. Mr. I who's now based in Berlin, posted video of the demolition on social media. It isn't clear if the studio was being specifically targeted because the government is also clearing large areas of Beijing for redevelopment more from our correspondent John donelson in a video posted on his Instagram account. I way way said the demolition of his studio had begun without warning. Farewell. He wrote the film shows an excavator clawing at the walls as workers appear to be packing up various pieces of art. The Kevin est disuse factory had been is main studio in Beijing since two. Thousand six. In an interview with the AFP news agency, the artist's assistant Garen said they'd been expecting to leave the studio soon because the rental contract had expired last year, but mister Goss had the demolition happened. So suddenly that not been able to remove all the artwork from the studio in time, I way way was once a favourite of the Chinese government and designed the award winning bird's nest stadium in the Olympics. But after becoming increasingly critical of the authorities, he was detained in two thousand and eleven on charges of tax evasion charges that he said, well, politically motivated for several years. His passport was confiscated meaning he was unable to travel. It was only returned in two thousand fifteen. And since then he's been living in self-imposed exile in Berlin. Just over half a century ago, the British adventure Donal Campbell was killed as he tried to break his own world, water speed record the wreck of his hydroplane Bluebird k seven has now been restored and. His daughter among the cheering crowns, looking on return to the water on Saturday. Katrina Renton has the story. Youthful scarves, and she kept her public waiting, but she did not disappoint. Finally after fifty. One years Bluebird was back in the water. The last time she was a float was on the fourth of January nineteen sixty seven, Donald Campbell was on Coniston water in the lake district breaking his own water speed record. Bluebird reach speeds of over three hundred miles per hour. When she flipped and crashed, Donald Campbell, lost his life Bluebird sank. But in two thousand one, she was salvaged from the water after seventeen years of painstaking work. She has been restored to her former glory today, Donald Campbell's daughter, Gina clutched to her father's mascot, a teddy bear also salvaged from the wreckage as she re-christened Bluebird with champagne, Hugh, no, there aren't really words are the, how'd you express stream emotion that something so fantastic as blooberg can just suddenly reincarnate. Herself. She is sitting on the water in her spiritual home. The most beautiful vote. Restoring Bluebird has been a labor of love for those who've been working on her in the yards on Tyneside for Bill Smith. The project leader, there is joy as well as relief that didn't sink. That's pretty cool, isn't it? It's gonna floats. It floats, right? It looks good. It looks like a movie with me, Donald Campbell new. There's a big property. It's yeah. Loch fad on bute has been chosen for training long enough to get Bluebird moving, but not too deep after initial tests are Kelly dot here. She is expected to return to Coniston water next year where she can run at speeds as she has so many times before Katrina Renton reporting. And that's all from us for now will be an updated version of global news later. If you'd like to comment on this additional stories, we included do droppers an Email. The address is global podcast at BBC, dot co dot UK entry peach. Thank you for listening and until next time, goodbye..

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