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Be in it, how much stock we should put into it, how concerned we should potentially be about it. Ryan, let's stick with the theme of talking about young players and let's talk a little bit about the Conrad sweepstakes here. I know a very exciting topic for fans of teams one or two weeks into the seasons already be thinking ahead like this. But I have to say, you know, I don't know how heading into the season, I feel like coyotes, Blackhawks, potentially Canadians, flyers, those last two have actually looked quite encouraging to start the year. I think we very, very firmly and definitively need to put the San Jose sharks not only amongst that group, but arguably at the top of it based on how they look to start the season. Yeah. And that's a bit of a surprise, I think a lot of us would have said Arizona and Chicago and a runaway and as much as people want to bag on the flyers. For what they did this summer, I think it's totally reasonable to expect them to finish like 21st or whatever. That seems like the John tortorella system. There's a level of confidence. Yeah, that's right. And so yes, boy, these sharks think, man. I don't know what to say. I don't know what else to say. They are unbelievably bad. And I think the reason they kind of snuck up on everybody here is you look at their roster and it's like, oh, those are like some pretty good players, right? Maybe Logan couture is a little bit past it, but they got like emo Mayer. Yeah, Tomas hurdle, right? Just like maybe not young is the right word anymore, but like guys, you should be excited about, you know? And I think the other thing is you would have said, oh, I bet their goaltending can be somewhat confident. Cabo cacan and James reimer, those are both goalies that even if you're not like, oh, those guys are really solid. I think you would say, they can be like average in behind a team that maybe isn't great defensively or whatever. How about this? James reimer 9 19 in his three games. He faced a 111 shots he's allowed 9 goals and he's Owen three. Yeah. It doesn't even matter if the goaltending is good, because that's how bad the team is. You mentioned some of those four is. I don't know if you've already been looking at their depth chart. Can you name the 12 words they're currently using? I know when I looked at it yesterday, I was like, oh, I feel like any time a team is led at any point in the season in scoring by evgeny fetching a car that's bad. I know, let's see here. Who else do I know that they have? They got Stephen Lawrence. That's a guy I looked at over the summer or like just a week or two ago because I thought he might have a brother who was playing college hockey. They were unrelated to

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