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Jokes? Short-circuited a little bit because he's like what part to you not understand about one. I'm about late. Yes. I say I don't censor the word penis because I am a comedian. This isn't the schism Christian forum. I can use these words on the internet. Maybe he was trying to James Gunn him. Get also, I think he was like, that's hilarious. Even James Gunn. Got his job back hashtag, James control. Hashtag sheen's. Come. I hashtag. We've never use. Hashtag Jane's going journal. The only other political thing wanted to bring Dona how much meat is on these chicken wings. Maybe a lot. Maybe they're Turkey legs. You're vegan. Chicken with an apostrophe. Instead of an e thank you for clarifying, man. But dehydrated Nate channels really good last night. Anyway, you might find this interest. And it might be something we can talk about because we like to talk about the plate of the millennials. We like to not understand the the plight of the jen's Ie's, and then we like to minimize minimize the plight of the gen Xers, but we're all in one thing together hell crippling debt. Oh, yeah. Okay. So really the last three generations have been hamstrung by crippling student loan debt. Millennials very bad jen's e just entering college. Probably worse off than millennials were. So Elizabeth Warren. Yes. One of the white men who on. That's me. So Elizabeth Warren has proposed that she wants to create a six hundred fifty billion dollar believe billion dollar. It is billion dollar loan forgiveness program where she will wipe out up to fifty thousand dollars student loan debt for people household income is one hundred thousand dollars or less. Ooh, that sucks people who make more than one hundred thousand whatever money. I mean, it's to keep people from big as I mean, the student loan debt is relatively manageable for the relatively wealthy which is the over one hundred thousand, but this is really to keep people who are on the lower end of the income spectrum from being crushed by student loan to because they get in the trap that they can't get out of. I hear what you're saying. But I do believe aunt Becky paid several million dollars. So that someone would lie and say that her daughter was good at boats. Yes, you're right. I don't know how at Becky figures into this picture, but she's funding this with a wealth tax. I like this tax. Nobody understands it. What people act like picked? No, it's it's very good percent wealth tax two percent while Tex on assets yet over five hundred million something like that. So the crazy thing about and. One of our favorite things to do spike explained marginal tax brackets and tax. I guess well, we are zero credits. Book people like to talk about the wealth tax. Like, it's a brand new thing did not America has had a wealth tax for centuries, and it's called the real estate tax all their real estate taxes, social wealth tax. It is it is a tax levied proportionately against those who own more than those who are in lower socioeconomic standings, and this new wealth taxes just taking into account. The fact that most of our billionaires don't have most of their money in real estate. Yes. If they're not in real estate anymore that tax doesn't kick in the do the good things that used to do. Yeah. All of their holdings announced docs, and capital like capital, gains and stuff like that. All these huge investments, sell Warren Buffett made all his money win the wealth. Ax was instituted it was because the wealthy were primarily landowners, which isn't necessarily untrue now. But for the most part the mega wealthy do not own more real estate than they own intangible assets. And that's because property taxes are too high. They they might be I mean property taxes were potentially boosted up over time because we lost out from what we were gaining from landowners same time. Same time. The fizz. The is. Joe food via very nearly dropped this Cup. So we've had a wolf thanks for a long time. I don't think there's anything wrong with a wealth tax assets over five hundred million probably too low. I mean when you talk about two percent, well Tech's you're talking about two dollars out of every one hundred or two cents on every dollar. That's another way to put it. But I mean, if we're looking at a wealth tax, absolutely we should have one we should probably just have a marginal tax rate pass

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