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Wesland w w j NewsRadio nine fifties. Jason Scott joining us live and local to explain Jason. Yeah. Greg police sergeant Ronald Buckley and paramedics met Deka Sola and Liam Maynard. They're charged in connection with the in custody jail death of William marshal. A judge says the prosecution had not presented sufficient evidence that Thirty-seven-year-old Inkster man, arrested in December two thousand seventeen on drug charges while being booked into the west land jail he began convulsing and having spasms then died of cocaine Texas city this after asking from help from the three defendants they've all been bound over on misconduct in office charge. And we'll be back in court later this month. Reporting live, Jason scouts WW. Jane, NewsRadio nine fifty the FBI has arrested three men at a west Michigan airport for conspiring to support ISIS WW NewsRadio nine. Fifties. Michael Cohen with the forty say the three men are Lansing residents were naturalized us citizens born in Kenya. One of the men named moose muse was arrested on Monday afternoon at the Gerald r Ford airport in Grand Rapids, as he was set to board a flight, which was one of a series of stops on the way to Mogadishu Somalia. The other two suspects Mohamed views and Salat Haji were arrested. Shortly thereafter, they're accused of helping him by the plane ticket and driving him to the airport for the flight. Federal authorities say all three defendants pledged allegiance to ISIS through videos. They recorded news and Haji also allegedly discussed using a card or rundown nonbelievers here in the US if they could not travel overseas to fight for ISIS. Michael Cohen, w w j NewsRadio nine fifty. After sparking national outrage, the Salani man at the center of a confrontation with high school students in Washington DC wants to have a dialogue with them about racism, sixty four year old Nathan Phillips was seen peacefully drumming at the Lincoln Memorial last Friday when he encountered students from Covington Catholic high school in northern Kentucky. The video drew strong reactions on social media Phillips now offering to visit the school to discuss cultural appropriation and the need to respect diverse cultures. Updating earlier story, and w w j an ex con wanted for shooting a township police officer this morning has been captured near Lansing. Michigan. State police Lieutenant David Kaiser says Joshua rose Bush was taken into custody after a brief chase. And shootout in Cheyenne Wasi county in locating the suspect. However. Shire Wasi county. I was involved in a short pursued and then involved in taking us because. The twenty nine year old suspect fired on officers who returned fire and shot rose Bush who is hospitalized in stable condition. Police say rosebush shot officer Jeff Coney getting a face and shoulder after being pulled over the officers listed in critical but stable condition WWE time six oh, wait, it's time for traffic.

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