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And around the entire planet 8 6 6 9 he is there early and I'm Gary McNamara While we live in interesting times let me tell you Yeah we do Just reading here from Politico which of course Politico is a liberal Website here and this headline is Chicago mayors teachers union made us a laughing stock To understand the crisis that closed Chicago public schools this week it helps to know a key ingredient a democratic mayor and one of the city's most powerful labor groups can't stand each other An increasingly toxic relationship between the Chicago's teachers union and mayor Lori Lightfoot has been waiting to explode for months if not years and the Akron variant turned out to be the spark There are so many things we could partner on lightfoot said in an interview Wednesday about her latest conflict with the union whose members overwhelmingly voted late Tuesday not to return to in person teaching instead they chose an illegal unilateral action that throws the whole system into chaos and makes us the laughing stock all across the country Chicago is a nation's largest district to close The only major one closed by a labor dispute is unclear if the unions move will inspire educators elsewhere to follow suit as they see their own members catch the virus which has already triggered smaller shutdowns but many elected Democrats across the country who back closures early in the pandemic are insisting that K through 12 schools must stay open during the amaron surge a repositioning that has created friction with teachers union a key party constituency So far the hard nosed teachers unions in New York Los Angeles Washington and Sacramento are not demanding school closures away Chicago educators are The powerful California's teachers association issued a statement with governor Gavin Newsom last month pledging to keep our classrooms open in a state where campuses were shot by the pandemic.

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