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Not only will we have Chad millman at four thirty on Friday. Like, we always do Todd Furman who you hear on Carmen and your coal loss will be joining us Thursdays at five thirty. He's on with Carmen, the good kids. So now, he's gonna join us love that even more. So these are something that our bosses worked very hard on getting done something that we've been planning and brainstorming on we cannot be more thrilled. Peter King Tuesdays at four Louis Riddick. Wednesdays at four marching Greco an additional day. Now Wednesdays at five thirty Todd firm and breaking down the college and NFL now. On Thursdays at five thirty. The river is back as we told you last Friday at four o'clock and chat Fridays at four thirty. What are you upset about this? It's all fantastic. I think we do football is better than anybody. That's what I say. Thumping our chests? I think the river with the big ten in college football is fantastic. Love the gambling angles with both firm. I'm a huge fan of Todd ferment. The listener listening Carmen in your co for year, obviously Chad moments my guy, he'll join us at four thirty riders. Peter King on Tuesdays. I thought was as good radio as we did during the football season. Adding our good friend Louis Riddick on Wednesdays is that's a huge coup and marching Greco for another day during the week. I think it's worthy of playing the Bee Gees all afternoon. Yeah. Absolutely. And as Dow puts on the bottom of the paper too. And I could hear the question being asked already on Twitter. Big cats, not going anywhere. Rick Sutcliffe, not going anywhere. And neither is Michael wilbon. So you still get will bonds on Wednesdays. Big cat on Thursdays and Rick Sutcliffe on Friday. In addition to all these new additions. I would suggest we throw a we throw a challenge to the powers that be upstairs to see if they can find a way to bring this Khalil Mack every week. I would think in the tradition of doing shows with players the Colo MAC shell on Waddle and Silvy would be an instantaneous home should call. Your your BFF, the CEO of McDonald's in have him kind of sit down for a brainstorming session, and we could figure out something. I texted Steve Easterbrook the CEO of McDonald's over the weekend. Contested Bill Gates that they should do is Chicago area promotion for big Macs specials in celebration for the big Macs. But I I would love to have that where McDonald's would sponsor the brand new Khalil Mack show. And every every week, we'll give away big Macs. The the big MAC's sack attack. Exactly. Right on a bears football Friday for every sack. That's good. Four..

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