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Good evening everyone you're in the right place at the right time mrs coast to coast am blasting out of the mojave desert like a sure rocco blazing across the land slamming into your radio like a supercharged nanno particle of unobtainable readings to all of you from the volvo whose body is most outrageous city in the world the planetary capital of sun fun sin sex and secrets why not so humble hometown las vegas nevada my name is george nafter occasional host designated driver of the airwaves and moderator up the lights up coming cacophonous cavalcade of conversation happy to be back with you tonight on what is a gorgeous evening here in the desert tonight we have a pair of break engaging guests ambitious and jeddah subject wise you know bill burns from his work with you of o magazine and then on you up all hunters the tv series is written several best and compelling books on topics of special interest to our audience roswell phil corso jfk bill is always a consummate pro knows how to tell a good story in tonight he returns with a boozy the focus is two of the greatest minds in human history inventors visionaries thomas edison and nickel a tesla if you've read much about those two their chances are you know bitten like each other very much they were giants in their time but became bitter rivals and though the world is still living with the consequences of that rivalry go burns in his coat writer george martin to put together an intriguing and little known part of the edison tesla saga both of these geniuses were intrigued by the possibility of committee getting with the dead edison historians will probably dispute this view in fact i know they have they already have many times and and the idea that edison was working on a machine that might contact people who moved on to the next plane of existence would likely drive some of them up the wall we're okay with that so is bill burns he will join me in a few minutes to make the case was thomas edison trying to build a socalled spirit phone and was tesla on the same trail perhaps in competition with his archrival we'll hear the evidence the book is called edison versus tesla the battle over there last invention and i think you'll be intrigue as in trade this with this as i was up then in.

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